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Moana Voyages’ Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here, you’ll find information about the islands of Tahiti, and our recommendations for you trip you our islands.

Breadfruit, a great benefactor for our body!

Breadfruit, "Uru" in Tahitian is originated from Oceania and spread up to Indonesia and also in the humid tropical regions such as the Caribbean region, Réunion island, Madagascar, ... It weights between 1 and 3 [...]

The Tahitian black pearl, more than a jewel!

French Polynesia and its translucent lagoons hide a wonderful secret, the Black Pearl. The Tahitian pearl, this prestigious jewel with its beautiful colors makes an integral part of the Polynesian myth.  Women dream about this [...]

The Tiki, symbol of Polynesia !

A Tiki is a sculpture in wood or stone native to Oceania and represents usually  a man. The Tiki is an emblem and an integral part of the Polynesian culture. The first stone sculpture representing [...]

The Fe’i, a typically Polynesian banana

 This week, let’s discover together an endemic Polynesian fruit, the Fe'i. A banana with a special flavour, highly appreciated by Polynesians. We do not know much about the origin of the banana, but we think [...]

Discover an amazing animal, the coconut crab!

Moana Voyages offers you to encounter an incredible and really tasty crustacean , the coconut crab! The coconut crabs or "Kaveu"in Tahitian, also known as "robber crabs" are the biggest terrestrial arthropod in the world! Adults [...]