Meeting with the majestic Manta ray…
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Meeting with the majestic Manta ray…

This impressive animal with an amazing shape is totally harmless : it has no sting and leakage is the only  way to escape itself from predators. They eat plankton, that is why, most part of the time, mantas can be found inside passes, an area where we found a high concentration of plankton.

Maupiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Fakarava, Rangiroa, Tikehau… many islands where you will encounter and admire the extraordinary Manta ray!
Snorkeling, diving or just admiring them will remain an unforgettable moment in your life!

Come and dive with Manta rays! We offer you a huge choice of stays in our islands, you can also create your own package according to your wishes.

 the majestic Manta ray

A fascinating and mysterious animal lives in the Polynesian waters :  the Manta ray.

Named  “fafa piti” in Tahitian, its span can attain up to six meters and can weigh up to two tons . Fish called “pelagic”, we mostly find it in open water. 

Part of the shark family, it is one of the biggest specimen as its distant cousin, the whale shark.

The Manta ray is ovoviviparous, producing eggs that are hatched within the body, so that the young ones are born alive but without placental attachment. The gestation period lasts about 13 months.

 the majestic Manta ray
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