Moana Voyages for Sustainability


At Moana Voyages, we understand that grasping sustainability in its entirety means first and foremost realizing the important position that we occupy as tourism stakeholders.

Our actions aim to develop exemplary internal management, encourage the positive impact of our activities, influence individually and collectively our stakeholders and support the development of our wonderful destination.

Through our commitment, we aim to contribute to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism in the long term by promoting respectful, inclusive and innovative perspectives.


To aim for continuous improvement in our practices, these aspirations require a thoughtful approach and complete involvement on our part. This is why the basis of our commitment is intended to be exhaustive, encompassing the 3 pillars of sustainability in our reflections: environment, society and economy.

Our main objective in the medium term is to include our sustainable vision in all of our actions and to consolidate their effects by actively engaging our stakeholders. We want to position ourselves as contributors committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.



At the heart of our commitment is a desire to target objectives that are in line with our corporate culture and to share our ambitions in terms of sustainable tourism with our team, our suppliers, our travelers and more generally our community.

As a travel agency, our sustainable policy is based on the following principles:

  • Operate in compliance with codes of practice, legislation and regulations
  • Ensure the well-being of our teams
  • Share our vision, internally and externally
  • Minimize the impact of our activities
  • Integrate sustainable thinking into all our areas of development
  • Create travel experiences in line with our aspirations
  • Guarantee the transparency of all of our actions
  • Ensure a follow-up on our commitments

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Our commitments

The projects we are involved in


FACE, the Foundation Acting Against Exclusion of French Polynesia, brings together volunteer companies and professionals coming from various backgrounds and working against all forms of exclusion. Supporting employment rehabilitation, recycling activities, implementing solidarity agriculture projects and awareness workshops... In addition to contributing through its annual subscription, Moana Voyages regularly participates in gatherings, reflections and various field activities deployed by FACE. Recently, alongside the FACE teams, we participated in workshops aimed at raising awareness of the impacts of digital technology in order to find solutions to reduce our environmental footprint and we carried out job interview simulations at the Tatutu detention center in Papeari and at the Tama Nui association in Papara.



Aoa is a significant project whose main mission is to restore native Polynesian forests. Invasive plants control, native and endemic species restoration, scientific study of the valley and data monitoring, job creation or setting up educational trails for locals and tourists.... Aoa's actions to fight against the collapse of biodiversity and climate change by promoting local know-how are numerous.

Fully aware of the importance of such projects to act for the environmental well-being of our islands and at the same time develop local ecotourism, the Moana Voyages team has supported Aoa since the beginning of the project. We contribute to the project through an annual donation but also by inviting our travelers arriving in Polynesia to contribute. We also had the chance to participate in an immersion day during which we planted Theobroma cacao cocoa trees in the Mo’aroa valley in Tahiti.


Our team


Our team’s commitment is a primary consideration in our sustainable approach. This approach has led us, among other things, to reduce our energy consumption, offset our carbon footprints and ensure the well-being of our employees. As far as we are concerned, the commitment of our team is the first logical step in a reasoned path. It is in fact by continually raising our team’s awareness regarding sustainability issues and the way in which we wish to position ourselves with respect to them that we encourage everyone's participation. Our team is kept informed of our actions on a regular basis and working groups are formed to focus on certain issues.

We have appointed a sustainability coordinator to guide our sustainable and responsible tourism projects. Her mission is to drive our vision. She stays up to date with current events around sustainability, implements our sustainability policy as well as our action plan, mobilizes teams, gives impetus to our actions and keeps track of them, raises awareness and encourages good practices in general.

Although she is officially responsible for our sustainability roadmap, it is our entire team that is involved in the implementation and monitoring of our commitments. Therefore, everyone’s support remains essential. Promoting discussions on the subject allows us to enrich ourselves with various perspectives and consolidate our approach. Communication, goodwill and transparency are the key words to encourage the involvement of our entire team.

Our partners

The trust relationship that we maintain with our service provider is essential to the success of our travel agency activity. These partners we work with on a daily basis are responsible for providing our travelers with the memorable experiences we put together for them. It is therefore essential that we share our commitment and our actions for sustainable tourism with them.

As part of our Travelife certification, we have identified the good practices of our most committed suppliers in order to highlight them in our catalog and on our website. Fully aware of the specificities linked to each activity - transport, accommodation, excursions and guides - and their geographical location, each initiative reported was taken into account. These initiatives are now highlighted on the pages of all partners who participated in this exercise. We thus invite our travelers to choose service providers displaying good practices.

The notion of sustainability is a growing requirement in the selection of the products we promote and the new partnerships we create. By sharing our vision and aspirations with our partners, we hope to set an example and lead to more responsible and fruitful collaborations.


Our travelers


Our travelers' satisfaction is paramount. It is essential that they enjoy a memorable trip to our islands. In addition to building itineraries that suit them perfectly, we are committed to designing experiences that make sense. This is why, in addition to encouraging the discovery of our islands, culture and traditions, we wish to promote enriching experiences by sharing with our visitors the values ​​of sustainability that are dear to us. We allow travelers who wish to choose partners committed to responsible tourism or to directly support the projects of their choice.

Just as we do with our teams and partners, we demonstrate transparency with our travelers. They can find on our website, in our terms and conditions or even through our mobile application, all the information concerning our commitment and actions in terms of sustainable tourism. We have designed a responsible traveler's guide in which our visitors can find all our advice once on site.

Our destination

Our commitment is fully aligned with our destination’s tourism development strategy. Indeed, Tahiti and its islands aim to become a flagship destination for sustainable tourism. Fāri'ira'a Manihini 2027, the new tourism development strategy for the Islands of Tahiti, lists several axes of sustainable development such as the involvement of local population, community-centered planning, the promotion of cultural identity and the balance of tourism benefits across the islands.

We are closely monitoring actions across the local tourism sector to maintain our alignment with the calendar and implementation of the overall strategy of our Fenua (territory). In September 2023 we actively participated in the evaluation of our destination, organized by Tahiti Tourisme and conducted by a Global Sustainable Tourism Council consultant. Spread over 3 days, these evaluation sessions allowed several tourism stakeholders to come together to address local issues and propose concrete actions on different themes. The final evaluation report, which will be delivered in 2024, will give us a structure to follow in order to find solutions to local issues and move forward serenely towards a promising future in terms of sustainability.


Take a look at our responsible traveler's guide

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