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All inclusive Moorea honeymoon packages

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Moorea honeymoon packages

Love and exceptional moments. These are the essential ingredients of a successful honeymoon. Moorea, with its lush vegetation and breathtaking landscapes, is an obvious choice for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary. Set the tone for this wonderful adventure that begins by celebrating your love on one of the beautiful islands of French Polynesia.

The resorts and guest houses of Moorea, which all share a serene and invigorating atmosphere, will be the perfect setting for your dream honeymoon. A wide range of romantic ideas will be available for you to add some magic to this special event. You will also have the opportunity to organize a traditional ceremony to seal your union in paradise and live, surrounded by all the sweetness of the islands, an unforgettable moment with the chosen one.

During your honeymoon in Moorea, you will share some unforgettable experiences in the sun. Whether you are lying on a white sand beach, exploring the lush mountains of the island, enjoying the show from the terrace of an overwater bungalow, sipping a cocktail under the coconut trees or feet in the water surrounded by fishes … relaxation and well-being will be the key points of your stay. For your Moorea honeymoon, contact our specialists. They will do their very best to guide you and turn your honeymoon into a magical experience that will remain in your hearts forever. Start the journey of life in this paradise called Moorea.