The Polynesian sea life is often the dream of divers. Possibilities are endless but we have created some very special vacations just for you. You will not be disappointed, underwater wonders and exceptional landscapes will be part of your vacation routine!

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Scuba Show - Fifty shades of Blue -
Scuba Show - Fifty shades of Blue

Embark on a unique experience, closer than ever to nature. This package offers you the opportunity to be in total immersion on Tahiti and its sister island, Moorea.

Tahiti - Moorea
7 days - 6 nights
International flights included
USD $2,468.00/pers.
Scuba Show - Tuamotu, the secret spot of divers -
Scuba Show - Tuamotu, the secret spot of divers

« The sea will give every man reasons to dream » (Christophe Colomb). Let us take you on a waking dream in the Tuamotu archipelago, to discover the underwater wonders of Rangiroa and Fakarava.

Tahiti - Rangiroa - Fakarava
9 days - 8 nights
International flights included
USD $3,709.00/pers.
Crystal Clear Dives in Bora Bora  - Top Dive
Crystal Clear Dives in Bora Bora

A stay in an overwater bungalow to which we added a bit of spice: a few dives in the lagoon of Bora Bora where you will get to encounter sharks and manta rays.

Bora Bora
7 days - 5 nights
International flights included
USD $3,880.00/pers.
Put your Flippers on in Moorea and Bora Bora - Top Dive
Put your Flippers on in Moorea and Bora Bora

The ocean as playground and some quality resorts to indulge yourself, Polynesia owns plenty of treasures on both land and sea.

Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora
8 days - 7 nights
International flights included
USD $4,057.00/pers.
Underwater Wonders - Top Dive
Underwater Wonders

You have always dreamt of losing yourself in the blue of the ocean? Put your scuba tank and dive into Fakarava's wall of sharks and the famous Tiputa pass!

Tahiti - Bora Bora - Rangiroa - Fakarava
12 days - 10 nights
International flights included
USD $4,730.00/pers.
Salty Bubble - Top Dive
Salty Bubble

Some of the most popular diving sites of Polynesia, breathtaking underwater experiences and astonishing resorts where to relax every step of the way.

Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - Tikehau
11 days - 10 nights
International flights included
USD $5,063.00/pers.
Scuba Show - Dive into paradise - Fakarava Sud
Scuba Show - Dive into paradise

Let yourself be carried away by the underwater beauty of the islands of Tahiti with our selection of 5 unique islands to discover.

Tahiti - Moorea - Rangiroa - Fakarava - Tikehau
16 days - 15 nights
International flights included
USD $5,129.00/pers.
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Diving in Tahiti

The islands of Tahiti spread over 2 500 000 km², which corresponds to the size of Europe. And yet, the land surfaces represent only about 3 500 km², that is to say there is a lot to explore…

Whether you are brand new at this or an experienced diver, the blue of our ocean will leave you speechless. During an introductory dive within the translucent waters of the lagoon or a drift dive in the middle of a Tuamotu pass, you will definitely be surrounded by gorgeous colorful species.

Tahiti is one of these coveted destinations for divers. But what is so special about Tahiti? What makes it an ideal destination for diving? What are the best places to go diving in Tahiti? You can find the answers to all these questions below.

Why choose Tahiti for diving?

Many reasons drive divers to cross the world every year, starting with the beauty of coral reefs and the richness of marine biodiversity. The islands of Tahiti are famous for the surreal colors of their turquoise and emerald lagoons, which provide a great visibility. The climate is mild and welcoming and each island is more beautiful than the other.

Besides, several scuba diving clubs are established in our archipelagos, on both volcanic islands and atolls. In order to attract tourists and divers, some hotels have even created internal centers to make it easier for their customers.
Eventually, the diving pass nowadays enables you to travel smoothly, access preferential rates and make sure to explore the most mythical sites.

The best islands of Tahiti for diving

Passes, faults, wrecks, creeks, there are plenty of sites to explore, some of which may attract your attention such as the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Fakarava or even Tikehau.
In order to help you organize your stay, we compliled a non-exhaustive list of the places not to miss.

Fakarava: The islands of Tahiti are renowned for their natural beauty and Fakarava is far from being an exception to this rule. It was namely designated “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO and happens to shelter exceptionally well-preserved coral species, manta rays and turtles. Furthermore, thousands of groupers come there every year to breed.
To the North, the Garuae Pass holds a few surprises… It is the largest pass of French Polynesia, its 1600m wide allow you to observe the coral reefs and grey sharks drift diving.
If you ever go to the South, take a look at the gigantic school of grey sharks that stroll within the Tumakohua Pass. Red mullet, damselfish, damselfly, grouper, parrotfish, jacks, soles, scorpion fish, nazons, trumpet fish and hundreds of small coral fishes have found refuge in these waters … Some eagles rays wander here and there, between sleeping sharks, grey sharks and white tips. Beware of the moray eels…

Rangiroa: Second greatest atoll of the world, Rangiroa is famous for its marine biodiversity.  Indeed, depending on the time of year, it is possible to observe a multitude of dolphins and sharks, a sight that divers never get bored of.
This site is one of the most spectacular ones of Polynesia. Hundreds of underwater species wander there, much to our pleasure. Most tourists come to Polynesia yearning for beaches and lagoons. They do not necessarily plan to dive but it would be a shame not to do so here, in Rangiroa. One encounter all sorts of shark species : tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks and even white sharks… Sting/leopard/manta rays peacefully swim beside you. You are also likely to find schools of barracudas, napoleons or surgeonfish and if you are lucky, perhaps will you even get to see a turtle.

Bora Bora: What makes the splendor of Bora Bora is the diversity and the clarity of its lagoon. Different shades of blue are highlighted depending on the brightness of the sun. Once underwater, one is completely charmed by its natural attractions.

Tikehau: The waters of Tikehau are undoubtedly recognized to be among the most teeming with fish. You can find there different species of fish in large numbers and observe them evolve in their natural habitat. You are in for a treat!
The Tuheiava pass is a must-see. Well known by the local diving centers, the pass is home to dozens of species such as tuna, grey or black tip sharks, barracudas, manta rays and even some dolphins. In addition, the pass is also a surf spot reserved to experienced surfers.

How to get to Tahiti?

Moana Voyages is an excellent partner for the organization of your stay. We strive to always offer you the most attractive rates. While in Tahiti, guests receive 24-hour assistance. You can contact us directly on our website, by email or by phone.

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