Polynesian recipe : the chicken fafa

Polynesian recipe : the chicken fafa

This week, Moana Voyages makes travel your taste buds and makes you discover a Polynesian recipe, the chicken fafa. A delicious exotic recipe!

Named “Polynesian spinach”, the fafa is the leaf of the Taro. It’s rich in minerals, iron and calcium. The fafa must be cook for a long time in salted water to avoid a slight irritation on the tongue after eating them. Traditionally, fafa is cook with chicken.
It is this Tahitian recipe that we share with you in this article!
Get your aprons on!

Preparation time: 20 mn
Cooking time: 40 mn

Ingredients for 6 persons :

the chicken fafa
the chicken fafa
the chicken fafa

– 600 g of fafa (about 50 to 60 leaves). For this recipe you can also use spinach shoots,
– 6 large chicken thighs,
– 35 cl of grated coconut,
– 4 onions – 3 limes – 2 garlic cloves
– 1 chicken bouillon (cube),
– 10 g of maïzena (starch) – hot curry,
– 1 fresh ginger root,
– salt, pepper.

Preparation :

– Start with washing the fafa leaves and removing the hardest portions. Mince them finely and cook for 1/4 hour in water with lime and salt. Drip dry and cool off.
– Peel the onions and dice them along with the ginger.
– Cut the chicken thighs in two or three portions depending on size.
– Heat uo a liter of water with chicken bouillon and bouquet garni.
– Sauté the onion and ginger in a pot. Then add the pieces of chicken, the garlic and slowly brown them.
– When they are brown, add leaves of pre cooked fafa along with the rest of lime juice. Salt and pepper, then add curry and the starch.
– Slowly stir so it won’t stick this for 5 minutes, while regularly wetting with the bouillon.
– Cover and simmer for 40 mn on slow fire.
– Prepare the coconut milk. Plan for two doses, one to thicken the chicken sauce, the other one to cover the dish before serving.

– After cooking, take out the pieces of chicken from the pot along with fafa, thicken the juice with coconut milk without boiling.
– Once the sauce is reduced to half, add chicken and fafa while cooking 5 more minutes on slow fire.
– Serve on a large dish with rice !

Enjoy your meal !

The chicken fafa
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