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At Moana Voyages, we are passionate about travel and adventure! Our team is made of residents and natives from Tahiti. We have our small piece of paradise anchored deep in our hearts and we spend most our free time exploring our Fenua (land) in order to share with you these magical places.

An exceptional destination requires a special relationship. Since 2005, our agents make a priority of creating your dream vacations. Together we create a privileged bond and we are there to assist you during your stay in our islands.

Our Best Offers in the Islands of Tahiti

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Another year, another Paradise!
What if you were offered a 40% discount to start 2021 with a week in the gorgeous Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort ?

Bora Bora
6 days – 5 nights

From USD $3,484.00 per pers
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Pearl Resorts Relaunch Offer
Bora Bora reopens its doors to sunny escapes enthusiasts with a brand new offer and many surprises!

Bora Bora
7 days – 5 nights

From USD $3,755.00 per pers
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Best Sellers
New Year’s Resolutions
2021 is going to be amazing! Enjoy a 40% discount on your stay and discover the beautiful islands of Tahiti…

Tahiti – Bora Bora 
8 days – 7 nights

From USD $3,976.00 per pers
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Bora Bora Dream & remote Island Paradise
Tahiti, Bora Bora and the secluded paradise of Rangiroa and its underwater wonders… Follow us!

Tahiti – Bora Bora – Rangiroa 
10 days – 9 nights  

From USD $5,136.00 per pers
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Why book with Moana Voyages?

Our local team endeavors to to provide personalized advices to conceive the most appropriate tailor-made travel. The fact that there are no intermediates enables us to offer a wide selection of products at very competitive rates and to keep you informed of the very last offers. Besides, as we are located in Tahiti, our close connections and physical proximity enableus to take action at every moment and provide a 24/7 assistance. You can make the most of your vacation without having to worry about gaurantees. Let us deal with administrative details and enjoy the moment…

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Our Team

An exceptional destination requires a special relationship. Since 2005, our agents make a priority of creating your dream vacations.


Assistant Sales Manager

"My favorite place in Polynesia? The beach at my grandmother’s house where I can admire terrific sunsets and, during the season, watch whales splashing along the coral reef."


Travel Consultant

"My favorite place in Polynesia? (My) Home! I grew up in Paea, 25 km away from Papeete on the Island of Tahiti. Our house is bordered by a river and is located at the entrance of a valley. I love hiking there."


Travel Consultant

"My Favorite place in Polynesia? Moorea, this island is beautiful and unique."


Travel Consultant
"My favorite place in Polynesia? Pointe Vénus: When you arrive in Tahiti by plane, it will instantly catch your eye with its white lighthouse!"


Travel Consultant
"My favorite place in Polynesia? I would probably say the island of Raiatea, it is magic ! People are so kind and welcoming."


Travel Consultant

"My favorite place in Polynesia? The Tuamotu islands. Paradisal white sand beaches and gorgeous coral gardens!"


Travel Consultant
"My favorite place in Polynesia? Maupiti & Huahine are my favorite islands for the moment: A stunning beauty of landscapes, a beautiful lagoon and a warm welcome!"


Travel Consultant
"My favorite place in Polynesia? Even though each island is unique, my favorite is definitely Raivavae."


Travel Consultant

"My favorite place in Polynesia? Fara’Ura Valley's waterfalls. I have been nature lover for as long as I can remember and this hike allows you to contemplate 4 of these wonders"


Reservation agent

"My favorite place in Polynesia? Without a doubt, Bora Bora ! Since 2015, I have spent most of my holidays there with friends and family."


Pre arrival agent

"My favorite place in Polynesia? Any motu, as long as I find myself on a wonderful white sand beach, by the lagoon."


Sales Manager

"My favorite place in Polynesia? I let you have a guess.. I also love Moorea where I once wanted to live but in the end I choose Tahiti."


Product & Marketing Manager

"My favorite place in Polynesia? Ahe is a very special island for me. This small atoll, which shares the surreal beauty of the other Tuamotu islands, holds a special place in my heart."


Product & Marketing Assistant
"My favorite place in Polynesia? The Tahitian peninsula where you can feel utterly disoriented; it is a quiet place, all about lush green."


Agency Manager
"My favorite place in Polynesia? Two places come on top of my mind. The Hanavave Bay in Nuku Hiva and its fantastic sunsets and Fakarava, south pass, where you can dive with hundreds of sharks."

Junior & Moby

"Our favorite place in Polynesia? The Moana Voyages agency!"
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The cultural Blog of Moana Voyages

Agenda of the Year

Fairs, festivals, cultural gatherings, sporting events … Here is a list of the main events throughout the year for an outstanding immersion.

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10 Tips to make the Most of your Trip to the Islands of Tahiti

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A Wide Range of Accommodation

Whether you are looking for a luxury resort, a guesthouse, a seasonal rental, a spacious villa or a tiny cocoon, we made sure to carefully select the best establishments of the islands of Tahiti only.

Just like the multiplicity of islands which form Polynesia, the accommodation, even though thoroughly different, turn out to make a harmonious and coherent whole.

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Willing to take a sunbath on the pontoon of your overwater villa in Bora Bora? Eager to enjoy the mild weather of the marquesas islands and huddle in a cosy nest? Inclined to stay in a charming and eco-friendly guesthouse to discover local traditions? We already know which accommodation will suit you best !
Whether you are going on a vacation with your family, celebrating your honeymoon or heading for an adventure, the place you will stay at will define your whole stay, which is why you should whoose it wisely. Our travel agency can provide both high end resorts as well as off-road places so that you can meet genuine people and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Tahiti & Bora Bora: the ideal Destinations for your Honeymoon

If a wedding marks the consecration of the union between two people, it is essential to make this moment all the more memorable with a one-of-a-kind honeymoon. So, whether you are more conventional, an adventurer or a globetrotter, we have what you need. Tahiti is one of the favorite destination of honeymooners. And it just happens to be our area of expertise… Making your honeymoon unforgettable is what we do best, and we will meticulously prepare this long-awaited stay for you…

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The choice of the destination is quite significant as it conditions your trip entirely; that is why it must match with your personalities. Tahiti is undoubtedly one of the most famous destination in the world. The hundreds of islands that make up French Polynesia are all endowed with a charm of their own. It is the ultimate romantic destination, which is why you cannot miss it.

Right after Bora Bora, Tahiti is probably the destination which comes to your mind when speaking about honeymoon. And even though just a few persons are able to locate it on a map, the island is perceived as a genuine utopia. It suggestive power is undeniable and, as the travelers who were lucky enough to go there tell their stories in the Pacific ocean, it contributes to reinforce the myth. Up to now, many have heard about it but only a few had the opportunity to see it for themselves.