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Your all inclusive trip to Tahiti

If you want to escape to a little corner of paradise, look no further, we have what you need. Tahiti, small island of the Pacific that has seduced explorers for centuries, remains unquestionably a must-see destination. It combines idyllic settings with a warm and joyful population. In short, it is the ideal getaway. But although this name sounds familiar to you, do you know where Tahiti is? Here’s some more information about the island that makes the world dream.

Where is Tahiti?

Overseas collectivity located in French Polynesia, and more precisely within the Society archipelago, Tahiti is in the middle of the South Pacific. Essentially made of volcanic rocks, the island is surrounded by a coral reef that preserves its famous lagoon. Composed of two parts attached by the Isthmus of Taravao, Tahiti counts more than two hundred thousand inhabitants, spread over an area of ​​about 1000 km2. The population is mainly gathered in the center of Tahiti: the capital of Papeete, located north-west of the island.

When to go to Tahiti?

Tahiti features a tropical and humid climate that evolves throughout two distinct seasons: a cool season that runs from April to October and a hot and rainy season, from November to March. It is important to consider these seasons before booking your trip to Tahiti and to adapt your travelling dates according to your desires and needs. If you want to take advantage of your annual vacation to rest and enjoy a cool climate, you can travel between April and October. This period matches with  the austral winter, the ideal moment to enjoy sunny outings. On the other hand, if you are thrill seekers with a soft spot for adventures, you can choose the austral summer period, which extends from November to March. Not devoid of charm, the months of December and January are often synonymous with rain, allowing you to observe nature from a different angle.

What to do in Tahiti?

Tahiti offers a wide range of activities. The services sector is thriving, generating numerous leisure opportunities for visitors. You can visit the Te Fa’aiti park, a peaceful haven that protects the native and endemic species of the island. Nature enthusiasts can contemplate the valleys during land excursions, while water sports lovers can practice surfing, paddling, kite-surfing or diving. The local crafts of Papeete’s market, the colorful island tour with its key sites, the waterfalls and rivers buried in the heart of the vegetation, the dinners at the renown roulottes (food trucks) of the city center near the port… there are many discoveries awaiting you in Tahiti.

How to find an accommodation in Tahiti?

An extraordinary trip calls for an ideal accommodation. With their expertise and passion for their island, Moana Voyages’ consultants will guide you towards the best suited guesthouse or resort. You thus have the guarantee of a safe accommodation fulfilling your expectations in terms of comfort. Whether you want to spend a short stay on the island of Tahiti before setting out to discover the other islands of French Polynesia or take the time to appreciate the main island of Tahiti, our experts will be here to support you.

Honeymoon in Tahiti: the ideal destination for lovers

Tahiti is undoubtedly the island for lovers, thanks to its mesmerizing landscapes and welcoming population. Choosing Tahiti as your honeymoon destination ensures you a quiet stay coupled with an extraordinary experience. Once your itinerary is sealed, Moana Voyages will organize every little detail for you … all you will have to do is pack your bags!