I have tested for you, sailing in Bora Bora
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I have tested for you, sailing in Bora Bora

In life, there are occasions not to be missed. Being invited to spend the week end on a friends’ catamaran in Bora Bora is one of them..
This kind of invitation must not be dismissed, in a heartbeat, I have my flight tickets in my hands and I am ready to board an Air Tahiti ATR going to Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific.

45 minutes later, we are approaching one of the most famous lagoons of the world. It is also the first time that I go to Bora Bora. Lagoons and islands I have been lucky enough to visit many in Polynesia, I have been told that Bora Bora was fantastic, I have to say from what I see from my seat, this reputation is founded. These mountains, these islets and this lagoon with many shades of blue…I am in such a hurry to land! Few minutes later, I am walking on the tarmac. My friends are waiting for me with their dinghy tied to the airport berth. I throw my bag in it, here I am Bora Bora!

The catamaran is anchored in the middle of a crystal clear lagoon, by a long white sand beach, facing the majestic Mount Otemanu, you can’t beat such a view!

Life on a boat has this particular power to bring you in a timeless life. You quickly forget what time is it, what day is it and you immediately feel disconnected from your daily routine, far from the real world. You drop off your boring clothes in your cabin, put on your swimming suit and pareo and this is it, you are ready for two magical days. You don’t need anything more to enjoy this setting!

Oh yes, you do need something more, your mask and your fins! I spent my whole week end in a 28 degrees water, to admire underwater life. Coral garden, sting rays, black tips sharks, manta rays, colorful fishes, etc, etc, I think this is not possible to get bored by such an amazing natural show.

Sailing on the lagoon, waves lapping the hulls, the moving landscape, I hardly can believe I am actually here! Bora Bora is a magic island, its lagoons is amazing and its mountains are breathtaking. Sailing around the island is a great way to capture all of its beauty.

4pm, it is high time to find another mooring spot, facing the sunset and enjoying a drink after a busy day.

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This week end has been marked by dreamy breakfasts, barbecues on board and sunset drinks. I am wondering if I could live like this forever…How is it I have to go back to work? No matter, I will be back, I am not going very far!

Bora Bora seduced me, discovering it in another way is a chance to admire its beauty and the wonders it has to offer…

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