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About Moana Voyages

Your Guarantees

Trusting us with the organization of your journey allows you to get the best guarantee from a reliable travel agency which is recognized by its peers:

  • Moana Voyages is a department of Tahiti Cruise and Vacation, a LLC (Limited Liability Company) entered with the commercial register of Papeete under RC 05249B, our Tahiti Number is 748684.
  • Tahiti Cruise & Vacation is a company belonging to the Groupe DEGAGE. For more than 30 years, the group has built an excellent reputation playing as a major actor in the maritime industry in French Polynesia. This ensures to its companies solid foundations.

  • Our Travel Agent license has been issued by the French Polynesia Government under ref 0012/VP/02/08/05 (see official document)

  • We have a Professional Liability Insurance with GENERALI France

  • Our travel agency is a member of Tahiti Tourism (Tourism board) and is accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

  • All the providers we have carefully selected highly trust us and we closely work together to get you the best offers.

  • Your online payments are done on Payzen, which is recognized as reliable and highly secured for Internet transactions.

Our Values

100% local team of travel consultants

Our dynamic team is formed of local agents, experts of our destination. Passionate about French Polynesia, their deepest wish is to share their knowledge and advise you to transform your journey in a unique experience.

Expert advice for your customized vacation package

We will create an “a la carte” program for you. If you travel by your own, with a significant other or if you bring your family or a group, we will work on a tailor-made adventure for you, respecting your wishes and budget.

Even if our agency is located quite far away from you, we are still 100% available by email or phone. We are committed to answer your requests within 2 business days so you will quickly forget that we are not just down the road!

“No compromise” selection of products at the best price

With our team by your side, you will be sure to get the best service to the best price! Each day, we rigorously select the services we are offering. There is no middleman between us and our providers so you will have a direct access to the best rates.
Our privileged relationship with our suppliers allow us to be permanently kept posted on new promotions and we immediately adapt our quotes accordingly. When you receive a quotation from our team, you are certain to benefit from the best rates available!

24/7 assistance during your trip

When you will arrive in Tahiti, you will be warmly welcomed by our team and you will receive your travel documentation, including our contact details in case you need to call us. 24/7, we will be happy to assist with any query you may have during your trip. Our close connections with our providers allow us to react immediately. Choosing Moana Voyages, it is opting for your peace of mind. Let us deal with the details while you are enjoying your holidays!

Our involvement for a sustainable tourism

Polynesia is a paradise we love to share with our clients but that we also must protect. Polynesian waters, reef ecosystems and the biodiversity of our lands make this place unique and we have to preserve it.
At Moana Voyages, our corporate culture emphasis simple acts for a better environment protection and mutual solidarity.
This is why we choose to support the children of our islands by giving away 4€ per travel sold to the association “Villages d’enfants SOS Polynésie Française”.
We select with attention our providers and indicates the ones who have an eco-friendly approach. Therefore, any traveler who is willing to create a sustainable journey can contact our agents.
At last but not least, we are committed to inform our clients of the wonders they will see in Polynesia but also to raise awareness around their protection. Upon arrival, each traveler will get a “traveler guide”. It contains the information necessary to adopt the correct behavior to protect our fragile and preserved environment.

Where we are ?

Physical adress

6 rue de Bovis
Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Mailing adress

98713 Motu Uta – Papeete
French Polynesia

Opening hours

Our office is open :
Monday to Thursday from 08:00am to 12:00pm and from 01:00pm to 05:00pm
Friday from 08:00am to 12:00pm and from 01:00pm to 04:00pm


Tél : +689 40 50 57 94
Fax : +689 40 43 61 37

Our team of Tahiti Travel Specialists

Heiana, Travel consultant

When I was a kid, my parents gave me the taste to travel around our islands. I lived in Tahiti, then Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora, Maupiti and Moorea. After my studies in Hawai, I came back to my “fenua” (my land) with a strong will to share with the world the beauty of our islands and our warming culture.
I started my carrier working for the Hilton Moorea Resort and Spa as a concierge. Over time, I had the opportunity to change jobs and worked for many 4 to 5 stars hotels. These experiences allowed me to build relationships with major local tourism players and to stay in many Polynesia hotels.
I dedicate my free time to my passion, the Tahitian dance. I also like to spend my week ends with my family, listening to ‘ukulele’ and Tahitian songs on the beach.

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti: tour the island, visit the peninsula and see the world famous surf spot Teahupo’o. Visit Papeete and its market and f odor a hike in our wonderful valleys.
3 days in Moorea: Tour the island on a quad, swim with dolphins in the hotel Intecontinental, grab a kayak and encounter the sting rays and sharks in the lagoon and have a picnic on an islet.
3 days in Bora Bora: stay in an overwater bungalow and have your breakfast delivered by a traditional canoe.
4 days in Tikehau: Swim with the Manta Rays, go fishing and encounter the inhabitants.
7 days in Marquesas Islands: Visit Nuku Hiva, Hiva oa and Ua Pou. Go horse riding across the valleys.
3 days in Raivavae: Have a swim at the “swimming pool Motu”

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
The beach at my grandmother’s house where I can admire terrific sunsets and, during the season, watch whales splashing along the coral reef.

Your favorite restaurant?
There are so many! But if I had to pick just one, I would go for the “Mahogany” in Moorea. They offer a mix of French, Chinese and Tahitian cuisine. Meals are delicious and prices correct. It is a friendly place.

Mélodie – Travel Consultant

Born in Santiago, Chile, from a Chilean father and a Tahitian mother, I am the intrinsic mixture of two cultures. I grew up in Tahiti while maintaining regular contact with Chile.
As my parents were in tourism in South America, I have always loved traveling to discover the wonderful world surrounding us and also to meet the locals and share their daily lives.

I started a scientific career but the desire to share my Polynesia finally made me deviate towards the path of tourism. I had then worked in different hotels and in a local travel agency and therefore developed my knowledge about our “Fenua”.

Now that I have joined Moana Voyages’s team, I am pleased to introduce you to what thrilled me the most since I was a kid and which is part of our everyday life: the warmth and natural Polynesian hospitality!

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 Days in Moorea to visit the interior of the island by quad and the beautiful lagoon in Jet Ski.
3 Days in Bora Bora to enjoy the lagoon: how can you not visit this island called “the Pearl of the Pacific”? Parasailing is a less frightening activity than paragliding but with stunning views! I strongly recommend the Lagoon Tour with a stop at the coral garden, underwater life is so lively and colorful there! And finally, sleep in an overwater bungalow and be sure to check the clear skies when you’ll be on your deck.
4 Days in Fakarava for everyday wonder. This is a classified atoll reserve by Unesco biosphere where plant and animal life (even underwater) is particularly preserved.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
(My) Home! I grew up in Paea, 25 km away from Papeete on the Island of Tahiti. Our house is bordered by a river and is located at the entrance of a valley. I love hiking there with my family and my 3 dogs. But what I like the most is having breakfast on the terrace with views of the lagoon: I watch fishermen or stand up paddle boarders and when it is the season (from August to October) we can also admire several whales.

Your favorite restaurant?
With no doubt, the “Lagoon by Jean Georges” at the St. Regis Bora Bora. This is an overwater gourmet restaurant where you can watch the sharks through the glass floor. The atmosphere is just magical for a romantic dinner!

Vaiana – Travel Consultant

Daughter of a metropolitan mother and a half Marquesan father, I have arrived in French Polynesia at 8 years old.

With a diploma in business and tourism, I’ve worked in several areas such as telephony and the hotel industry before integrating Moana Voyages’ team in 2017.
Proud of my Polynesian origins, I like to promote our little piece of heaven, which I consider as unique as indescribable.

I spend a lot of time in our turquoise lagoons, which are idyllic and soothing places.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
4 days in Moorea. Indeed, having lived there during several years, this island is to me an essential step of any trip. You will fall for its mountains, its lagoons populated by sharks and rays (along with whales from August to October), its beautiful beaches as Temae and of course the unmissable lunch at the “Coco Beach” located in a “motu” (islet). You will get to enjoy the beautiful sandbank there, a few steps away from the restaurant.
3 days in Huahine, where you will find serenity and tranquility. This island is still authentic and welcoming. A small advice: visiting of the natural aquarium of the pass of “Fare” is essential to grasp the beauty of the island.
3 days in Taha’a. This island is known around the world for its vanilla. Only accessible by boat, you will be dazzled by this change of scene. You will want to dive in its turquoise lagoons and crystalline sea floors.
3 days in Tikehau: Part of the Tuamotu archipelago, this place is known for its bird island. You will be blown away by its beautiful pink sand beaches stretching as far as you can see. It is crucial to spend a day picnicking on one of its several “motu”.
1 day in Tahiti : Before the departure, so you can rest but also to make the last souvenir purchases at the market of Papeete for example, and to have the opportunity to taste a good local dish at the “roulottes” (= food trucks) in a friendly and warm atmosphere near the marina of Papeete.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Moorea, this island as beautiful and unique.

Your favorite restaurant?
The Mahana snack in Moorea, is one of the best restaurants-snacks that I know. Next to the water’s edge, feet in the sand, you will succumb in front of their menu, tasty and copious, with fresh raw fish of course!

Sandrine, Sales Supervisor

Vahinetua is my Tahitian name which means, the woman of the ocean…
Born in Tahiti to parents from the Tuamotus islands, I have spent my entire childhood swimming in the lagoon of Tikehau, Island that took my heart forever and where my ancestors grew up. Coming also from a marquesian and an Austral Islands family, no wonder Polynesia runs through my veins and that I am so proud to share my culture, my joy of life, our traditional songs, our dances and our well known warm hospitality…

After a short stay in Hawaii, the call of my fenua (country) was too strong and I decided to comeback in Tahiti to reunite with my origins.
I first worked with my sister, owner of the Tikehau Village guesthouse and then I joined the M/S Paul Gauguin crew. Strong of my experience aboard the ship, I’ve decided to bring my support to the « Cruise Department » of one of the biggest travel agency in Tahiti.

I joined the Tahiti Cruise and Vacation team in 2016, after having worked for an online travel agency for 10 years. My daily routine is to offer our guests the sun, the lagoon and a daylife dream keeping in mind the same goal: make you want to visit our beautiful paradise to experience our islands’ perfumes, our monoï of tiare tahiti, get into the vibes of the toere and the ukulele, moove your hips on a « tamure », taste the famous « poisson cru », dive in our turquoise lagoons and bring back with you beautiful memories.. and who knows, you might want to come back !

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to rest from your trip and to walk around the market of Papeete, maybe to spot some nice souvenirs to bring back home? And if you are not too tired, you can join a Jeep tour to visit the wonderful valley of La Maroto.
4 days in Moorea to visit the Belvedere and taste the delicious homemade tropical fruits jam. If you come between June and October, you might get the chance to encounter with some whales and dolphins. Join a « Lagoon Tour » with Felicie (Mahana Tour), and enjoy her famous picnic lunch on a private motu (islet).

2 days in Tahaa where the « coral garden » is waiting for you, swim with colorful fishes, come and discover the Vanilla Island and its white sandy motu.. .
3 days in Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific, lay back and enjoy a stay in an overwater bungalow, you will be amazed by the most beautiful lagoon of the world…
3 days in my home Island, Tikehau: this little paradise where you can have the chance to swim with manta rays in 6 meters deep. You will adore to walk on the pink sandy beach surrounding the islets.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
I let you have a guess.. I also love Moorea where I once, wanted to live but I finally choose Tahiti.

Your favorite restaurant?
Our restaurants are so different that it is difficult to pick just one but I would say « La Plage de Maui », laid on a white sandy beach in Tahiti Iti’s peninsula. You can enjoy there lobsters, shrimps cooked with coconut milk and curry sauce and taste the famous platax with ginger.

Nanihi, Product & Marketing coordinator

A native of Tahiti, I also lived, studied and worked in other countries such as New Zealand, Chile and Spain. I’ve had the chance to experience a variety of professional experiences over the last years; in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora, in a winery in Santiago or in the creation of an startups incubator in Barcelona. These many changes of environment have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, allowing me to interact effectively with a sense of delicacy and ease. After several years overseas, I returned to French Polynesia in 2016 to live in a completely new way my passion for travels, for foreign languages as well as encounters without borders. Indeed, the tourism industry is a lively and stimulating sector to which I have been wanting to devote myself for many years now. Keen for water sports, I spend a good part of my free time on a bodyboard, a paddleboard or simply to exploring our lagoons swimming.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to discover the capital of French Polynesia
4 Days in Moorea to enjoy its soothing landscape
3 days in Tetiaroa to see at least once this mythical island
4 days in Fakarava to explore its amazing underwater life

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Ahe is a very special island for me. This small atoll in the Tuamotus, which shares the surreal beauty of the other islands of the archipelago, holds a special place in my heart as I spent some unforgettable moments there with my entire family during my childhood.

Your favorite restaurant?
Although there is a large number of places that I have yet to discover (to my delight!), The Mayflower in Moorea remains my favorite one so far. The restaurant’s simple and yet sophisticated touch, the subdued lighting atmosphere in the evening, the talent of its chefs … there is so much to enjoy, feet in the sand, at the Mayflower.

Emmanuel – Agency Manager

I arrived in French Polynesia in 2000 with a background in the hospitality industry. I first worked few years as a Cruises Department Manager for an agency in Tahiti and then created and ran a travel agency during 13 years in Papeete before joining Moana Voyages in 2016.
During all these years, I have been lucky enough to visit many islands in French Polynesia, staying in all the hotels marketed by our agency and testing numerous excursions.
Therefore, I personally know the major players of the Polynesian tourism industry and developed close relationships with our providers.
As for leisure, I am passionate about scuba diving and my different trips in the islands gave me the opportunity to wet my flippers on the most beautiful spots in Polynesia. I also love sailing and I never miss an occasion to embark around our islands. Sailing is, to my opinion, the best way to discover the high islands of Polynesia.
Loving trips and photography, I never travel anywhere without my cameras and a small drone which shoots aerial photos.

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to visit Papeete and cross the island with a four wheel drive.
3 days in Moorea to watch whales (between August and October) and go hiking.
7 days cruising with a catamaran between Raiatea, Huahine, Taha’a and Bora Bora
2 days in Bora Bora to enjoy a fancy hotel staying in an overwater bungalow
4 days in Rangiroa to dive
6 days in Fakarava (North and South) to dive

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
It is hard to pick just one but 2 places come on top of my mind. The Hanavave Bay in Nuku Hiva and its fantastic sunsets and Fakarava, south pass, where you can dive with hundreds of sharks.

Your favorite restaurant?
I always recommend my clients to end up their journey with a last evening at the Coco’s in Tahiti. It is for me the best restaurant in Polynesia.