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Our Core Values

A 100% local team of travel consultants

Entirely made of natives and lovers of French Polynesia, our team makes sure to share its expert valuation and personal experiences in order to assist you in creating your dream vacation.

Personnalized advice

Travelling on your own ? Preparing your honeymoon ? Planning to travel with your friends ? Our passionate team will provide you with tips adaped to your wish and budget for a tailored-made adventure.

A rigorous selection of products 

We make a point of honour of assembling quality products thanks to our great network of partners.

A 24/7 assistance 

You can join us by mail or phone and we strive to respond in the shortest possible time. Once you arrive, your travel documentation will be given to you. Wherever you are, during your whole stay, we are ready to answer your enquiries. Our close connections and physical proximity with our partners enable us to react immediately. Let us deal with administrative details and enjoy the moment…

Towards sustainable tourism

Our corporate social responsibility starts with simple everyday actions and the adoption of a responsible behaviour. We see to the preservation of reef ecosystems and local biodiversity, which contribute to the fame of our destination, by raising awareness regarding the importance of environmental protection. We promote sustainable tourism by conscientiously selecting our partners and by emphasizing those which adopt a responsible approach.

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Our team of Tahiti Travel Specialists

Heiana, Assistant Sales Manager

When I was a kid, my parents gave me the taste to travel around our islands. I lived in Tahiti, then Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora, Maupiti and Moorea. After my studies in Hawai, I came back to my “fenua” (my land) with a strong will to share with the world the beauty of our islands and our warming culture.
I started my carrier working for the Hilton Moorea Resort and Spa as a concierge. Over time, I had the opportunity to change jobs and worked for many 4 to 5 stars hotels. These experiences allowed me to build relationships with major local tourism players and to stay in many Polynesia hotels.
I dedicate my free time to my passion, the Tahitian dance. I also like to spend my week ends with my family, listening to ‘ukulele’ and Tahitian songs on the beach.

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti: tour the island, visit the peninsula and see the world famous surf spot Teahupo’o. Visit Papeete and its market and f odor a hike in our wonderful valleys.
3 days in Moorea: Tour the island on a quad, swim with dolphins in the hotel Intecontinental, grab a kayak and encounter the sting rays and sharks in the lagoon and have a picnic on an islet.
3 days in Bora Bora: stay in an overwater bungalow and have your breakfast delivered by a traditional canoe.
4 days in Tikehau: Swim with the Manta Rays, go fishing and encounter the inhabitants.
7 days in Marquesas Islands: Visit Nuku Hiva, Hiva oa and Ua Pou. Go horse riding across the valleys.
3 days in Raivavae: Have a swim at the “swimming pool Motu”

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
The beach at my grandmother’s house where I can admire terrific sunsets and, during the season, watch whales splashing along the coral reef.

Your favorite restaurant?
There are so many! But if I had to pick just one, I would go for the “Mahogany” in Moorea. They offer a mix of French, Chinese and Tahitian cuisine. Meals are delicious and prices correct. It is a friendly place.

Mélodie – Travel Consultant

Born in Santiago, Chile, from a Chilean father and a Tahitian mother, I am the intrinsic mixture of two cultures. I grew up in Tahiti while maintaining regular contact with Chile.
As my parents were in tourism in South America, I have always loved traveling to discover the wonderful world surrounding us and also to meet the locals and share their daily lives.

I started a scientific career but the desire to share my Polynesia finally made me deviate towards the path of tourism. I had then worked in different hotels and in a local travel agency and therefore developed my knowledge about our “Fenua”.

Now that I have joined Moana Voyages’s team, I am pleased to introduce you to what thrilled me the most since I was a kid and which is part of our everyday life: the warmth and natural Polynesian hospitality!

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 Days in Moorea to visit the interior of the island by quad and the beautiful lagoon in Jet Ski.
3 Days in Bora Bora to enjoy the lagoon: how can you not visit this island called “the Pearl of the Pacific”? Parasailing is a less frightening activity than paragliding but with stunning views! I strongly recommend the Lagoon Tour with a stop at the coral garden, underwater life is so lively and colorful there! And finally, sleep in an overwater bungalow and be sure to check the clear skies when you’ll be on your deck.
4 Days in Fakarava for everyday wonder. This is a classified atoll reserve by Unesco biosphere where plant and animal life (even underwater) is particularly preserved.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
(My) Home! I grew up in Paea, 25 km away from Papeete on the Island of Tahiti. Our house is bordered by a river and is located at the entrance of a valley. I love hiking there with my family and my 3 dogs. But what I like the most is having breakfast on the terrace with views of the lagoon: I watch fishermen or stand up paddle boarders and when it is the season (from August to October) we can also admire several whales.

Your favorite restaurant?
With no doubt, the “Lagoon by Jean Georges” at the St. Regis Bora Bora. This is an overwater gourmet restaurant where you can watch the sharks through the glass floor. The atmosphere is just magical for a romantic dinner!

Vaiana – Travel Consultant

Daughter of a metropolitan mother and a half Marquesan father, I have arrived in French Polynesia at 8 years old.

With a diploma in business and tourism, I’ve worked in several areas such as telephony and the hotel industry before integrating Moana Voyages’ team in 2017.
Proud of my Polynesian origins, I like to promote our little piece of heaven, which I consider as unique as indescribable.

I spend a lot of time in our turquoise lagoons, which are idyllic and soothing places.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
4 days in Moorea. Indeed, having lived there during several years, this island is to me an essential step of any trip. You will fall for its mountains, its lagoons populated by sharks and rays (along with whales from August to October), its beautiful beaches as Temae and of course the unmissable lunch at the “Coco Beach” located in a “motu” (islet). You will get to enjoy the beautiful sandbank there, a few steps away from the restaurant.
3 days in Huahine, where you will find serenity and tranquility. This island is still authentic and welcoming. A small advice: visiting of the natural aquarium of the pass of “Fare” is essential to grasp the beauty of the island.
3 days in Taha’a. This island is known around the world for its vanilla. Only accessible by boat, you will be dazzled by this change of scene. You will want to dive in its turquoise lagoons and crystalline sea floors.
3 days in Tikehau: Part of the Tuamotu archipelago, this place is known for its bird island. You will be blown away by its beautiful pink sand beaches stretching as far as you can see. It is crucial to spend a day picnicking on one of its several “motu”.
1 day in Tahiti : Before the departure, so you can rest but also to make the last souvenir purchases at the market of Papeete for example, and to have the opportunity to taste a good local dish at the “roulottes” (= food trucks) in a friendly and warm atmosphere near the marina of Papeete.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Moorea, this island as beautiful and unique.

Your favorite restaurant?
The Mahana snack in Moorea, is one of the best restaurants-snacks that I know. Next to the water’s edge, feet in the sand, you will succumb in front of their menu, tasty and copious, with fresh raw fish of course!

Magalie – Travel Consultant

Born in French metropolis, in the Loire Valley, my family quickly inculcated me with a taste for travel. This may explain why I naturally chose to study in the tourism area. Whether it was in order to pursue my education or for professional matters, I started to travel all around France.  At first, I obtained a senior technical certificate in Tourism but I decided to carry on with my studies one more year in order to acquire a specific national guide diploma in Perpignan (near the Spanish boarder). Once I got my professional card, I started working as a touristic guide in South of France and then as a tour leader across Europe. I had the opportunity to discover and help people exploring the history and cultural heritage of a multitude and it became a passion of mine…
As I had to leave the Mediterranean coast and to move to Belfort (close to both German and Swiss boarders), I chose to pursue my carreer in a travel agency. And that’s a wrap! I decided to go behind the scenes and focus on the upstream work, endeavouring to arouse the interest of travelers regarding unknown destinations and making sure they enjoyed it at its best.
I spent fifteen years working in a travael agency, either in Cannes (renowned for its Film Festival), Fréjus or Antibes. During all these years, I strove to satisfy my wanderlust by exploring several countries on my own. I was lucky enough to go to French Polynesia quite a few times until the day I decided not to leave it ever again !
Today I’m delighted to help you conceiving THE travel which will make you discover Polynesia the way it is : varied islands, a predominant culture, breathtaking landscapes and, first and foremost, the kindness and hospitality of Polynesian people.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti : either at the beginning of your stay (to take a rest after your travel) or at the end of your trip (to shop a little bit), depending of your flight scheduled times and your wishes ! On this main island, you can go for a walk through the colorful market of Papeete, rent a car to discover the whole island, stop wherever you want and eventually have dinner at the famous « roulottes » (typical food trucks) ! If you are keen on sports, you can even stay longer and trek a little bit : wonderful panoramas and refreshing waterfalls are waiting for you !
4 days in Moorea : Find the best way for you to discover its lagoon and its mountains… You have plenty of possibilities : a 4×4 guided tour, a quad safari, an E-Bike ride through the pineapple fields, you can even rent a jet ski or a kayak and seize the occasion to  swim with sting rays and sharks ! Located about one hour from Tahiti, the island will leave a lasting impression in your mind.
3 days in Huahine : Such a charming and authentic island… So small that you can ride around the whole island with your bike : everybody will wave to you as though you were part of the island ! That’s the Polynesian way of life…
3 days in Bora Bora : this famous island will meet all your expectations ! Even when it is cloudy, the lagoon offers astonishing shades of blue !
3 days in Tikehau : you cannot seriously leave without exploring an atoll… Life is thoroughly different over there ! Such a quiet place, with its pink sand beaches where you feel all alone… You don’t even need to venture deep in the ocean to observe magnificient manta rays. Moments never to be forgotten, either on a honeymoon or during family vacation.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
“Pointe Vénus” : When you arrive in Tahiti by plane, it will instantly catch your eye with its white lighthouse ! I like to go there to enjoy, feel the fine black sand on my feet and enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere. I like to contemplate the sunset, observe the va’a (Tahitian outrigger canoes) passing by or go kayaking in the middle of the bay where I can meet some dolphins or whales.

Your favorite restaurant?
“Maeva’s Café “: located on the 1st floor of the famous market of Papeete, you can have lunch in a colorful, buoyant and convivial atmosphere. I invite you to taste their « coco milk raw fish » with its uru and taro french fries ! Probably one of the best dishes of the polynesian culinary heritage…

Eileen – Travel Consultant

Of Asian and Tahitian descent, I was born and raised in Tahiti, in the charming city of Mahina, which is located on the East coast of the island. When I was younger, I spent most of my spare time with my family, at the Point Venus beach. There, my father and sister would teach me how to use a bodyboard. Nowadays, I endeavour to keep practicing whenever I can but I also happen to be keen on “Ori Tahiti”, the tahitian dance, which I started at the age of 17. It allows me to feel connected to my roots, to share my culture and to convey a message.

After my bachelor’s degree, I went in France in order to continue my studies but I missed the turquoise lagoons so much that I decided to go back home, near my kith and kin. My internship at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa definitely prompted me to choose this sector. As I feel really close to our environment and culture, two dimensions which are encompassed in Tahitian dance, I will be more than pleased to share it all with you.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti so that you can visit the city, explore the island and also watch the amazing tahitian show, named “Heiva”, in July.
3 days in the island of Raiatea for the most adventurous of you so that you can climb the Tapioi and Temehani mountains. These hikes offer a magical sight of the lagoon and of the Taha’a island (also known as the “Vanilla Island”). As Raiatea and Taha’a happen to share the same lagoon, you can easily go to the island of Taha’a in order to explore the extraordinary coral garden.
3 days in the island of Bora Bora, indulging yourself in an overwater bungalow so that you can make the most of your vacation and really enjoy the blue lagoon.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
I would probably say the island of Raiatea, it is magic ! People are so kind and welcoming. Everyone knows each other,the atmosphere is really friendly. Every time I go there, I fall in love all over again with this place.

Your favorite restaurant?
If i had to choose one, I would opt for the Hilton of Moorea. The meals are exquisite and the view is breathtaking. Moreover, on Sundays they concoct a special brunch where you can choose between French, Tahitian and American dishes while listening to local music.

Ororiki – Travel Consultant

Born in Tahiti, from a Paumotu mother and a Swiss father, I had the opportunity to travel the world at a really young age. I quickly got used to discovering new people, new cultures, colors , savors, landscapes… As I am passionate about travels, I decided to focus on the tourism industry and started to work as a reservation agent for a famous international resort chain, which established a couple of decades ago in French Polynesia.

Raised by dancers mainly, I have been practicing “Ori Tahiti” since I am three years old. More than just a leisure, it is a know-how we are glad to share with anyone who shows interest in our culture.

Whenever I have time, I like to climb up the Mount Marau to admire our breathtaking sunsets.

Nowadays, I start a brand new adventure with the Moana Voyages team and I am more than pleased  to contribute to make you discover our paradisal islands and one-of-a-kind culture.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti. Often considered as a “transit” island, we tend to forget all the treasures it brims with. First, you should probably visit the land during a safari expedition or by going for a hike and then you definitely need to go round the island so as to explore the most popular and historical sites such as the lighthouse of the Point Venus, the three waterfalls, the surf spots, the botanical gardens or even the Maraa caves. Do not forget to stop by the great market of Papeete if you want to bring back souvenirs and taste the Polynesian cuisine in the restaurants located nearby. Before heading back home, you have to try our famous food trucks.
4 days in Moorea. I personally fall for its mountains and lagoon, feel free to explore every tiny little part of it. Whether you choose an ATV, a car, an e-bike, or decide to go for a walk if you are into sport, you will be delighted to contemplate the two Opunohu and Cook bays from the belvedere, try the jams agricole college, visit both pineapple fields and juice industry, explore the “marae” (holy sites where used to take place political, social and cultural ceremonies) and more…
4 days in Fakarava, within the Tuamotu archipelago. It will take you only one hour to be astounded by the blue sky, bright sun and turquoise waters of the island. Known all around the globe for its biodiversity, it is the place to be if you are into diving. Once you put your scuba fins on, here starts the show… Sting rays, sharks and fish seem to be levitating within the ocean. The shark wall is undoubtedly a not-to-be-missed experience.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
The Tuamotu islands. Beside the paradisal white sand beaches, there are some of the most beautiful coral gardens you will get to see in your life out there…

Your favorite restaurant?
Without a doubt, I would say the Lotus restaurant at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa. It is an overwater gourmet restaurant which offers a warm and convivial atmosphere. It provides a quality service and a succulent cuisine. Highly recommended.

Lauriane – Travel Consultant

It is in 2004 that I met my beautiful French Polynesia! I first lived there for 2 years, and quickly fell in love with the natural beauty of the islands and the heart of Polynesian people.

When I came back to France, I decided to pursue my studies in tourism. Totally obsessed with this very part of the globe, I wanted people to see it the way I did.

I started promoting the islands of Tahiti from Paris, in a receptive agency specialized in the destination.
In 2016, I had the opportunity to go back to the Fenua to live my passion directly from Tahiti. I am proud to contribute to make you discover the Polynesian culture, reconnect with nature and live an astonishing human experience.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?

3 nights in Tahiti to give you time to recover from the long flight, discover the heart of the island of Tahiti (namely the Papenoo Valley), and rent a car to go around the island.
4 nights in Moorea: First island with the “postcard” effect and many activities to do!
3 nights in Huahine: In order to go crescendo, Huahine will be one of the “nature” stage of your trip: lush and luxuriant vegetation and a beautiful lagoon to explore.
2 nights in Bora Bora: Coming to French Polynesia without heading to Bora Bora is like saying you have not seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Although it is more touristic than anywhere else, its lagoon is one of the most beautiful of the world, believe me it is worth it !
3 nights in Tikehau: To end your trip, why don’t you go on an atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago? Surrounded by nothing but the ocean, you will indulge yourself.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Hard to choose ..! I appreciate all the places I discover, but differently.
Maupiti & Huahine are my favorite islands for the moment: A stunning beauty of landscapes, a beautiful lagoon and a warm welcome!

Your favorite restaurant?
I do not know if it is my favorite restaurant, but it is definitely my go-to restaurant of the moment: La Plage (former Coco’s) in Tahiti. The site is magical and very well located by the beach Fine cuisine, excellent desserts and yummycocktails.
When it is time, from August to the end of October, you can even see whales from your chair…

Mélanie – Travel Consultant

Born near Paris, I have always been eager to discover other landscapes and cultures. In 2012, I had the chance to come a few weeks to French Polynesia to visit my family just after a Visa Working Holidays in Australia. The charm operated immediately: the kindness of people, the authenticity of the islands, the beauty of the landscapes and especially this feeling of well-being … Back in France to finish my studies, I quickly integrated several agencies dedicated to Tahiti and its islands, a great passion of mine. I chose this very destination for my honeymoon . In 2016, I was lucky to find a job in Tahiti, which consists in promoting my country of heart. I am very pleased to help you make your dream come true in return.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?

3 days in Tahiti, perfect to recover from jet lag, discover the various valleys and waterfalls and go to the peninsula of Tahiti.
4 days in Moorea, the not-to-be-missed island. You can do various activities such as swimming with rays and reef sharks, have a break on a motu, or try a 4×4 excursion in the mountains.
3 days in Raiatea / Tahaa, two authentic islands which happen to share the same lagoon. In Raiatea, the heart of the Polynesian culture, you can visit the famous Taputapuatea marae, go up the Faaroa river or hike along lush paths. On the island of Taha’a, get to learn more about Tahitian vanilla and pearl farms then relax in the crystal-clear lagoon, in the middle of coral gardens.
2 days in Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific, known for its gorgeous shades of blue. Long enough to enjoy your overwate rbungalow and make the most of your stay.
3 days in Rangiroa… Located in Tuamotu archipelago, this atoll is a paradise for certified divers. how about a face to face with dolphins, sharks or manta rays? For non divers, here are three boat trips you will never forget: reef island, blue lagoon and pink sands.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Even though each island is unique, my favorite is definitely Raivavae. Try to climb up the Mount Hiro and enjoy a 360 degree sight before heading to the “pool motu”, a deserted island with white sand and crystal-clear waters. Speaking of dreaming wide awake…

Your favorite restaurant?
The food truck “Chez Aro”, located in Faa’a, by the airport: afriendly atmosphere and delicious food.If you want to eat fish, book it ahead… I recommend the papio, or the mahi mahi.

Aravihi – Planning Agent

Originate from Tahiti, I spent most of my cursus here, on my native island. When I was a little girl, I used to go to Huahine during the vacations, as my aunt owned a guesthouse over there and I guess this is how I ended up in the tourism industry…

Proud of my culture and of the beauty of our landscapes, I have always had in mind that I wanted to share my world with others, I secretly knew i would help them seek happiness in my fenua. As I just finished my studies, it is with great pleasure that I start my career within Moana Voyages.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 days in Tahiti. Give yourself one day to recover from jet lag and appreciate the rest of your stay at best. On the second day, rise and shine ! It is time to explore every part of the island not to miss any of its touristic sites, diversity of landscapes and impetuous nature. Spend the rest of the afternoon in the capital city of Papeete, visit its famous market and give a try at the famous food trucks of Vaiete.
4 days in Moorea. Well, the sister island as we like to call it proposes quite a few options to anyone willing to visit it… Do not miss the sharks and rays spot as you ride your jet ski, go up the belvedere and cross the pineapple field with your ATV… what a great adventure!
3 days in Huahine, also called “the authentic”. over the years, it succeeded in keeping everything of its charm, wildness ans mystical side… it is my favorite place on earth: take a lunch on a private motu and get to know the locals’ lifestyle for real.
3 days in Bora Bora where the overwater experience exceeds your expectations… If there is an island where it feels utterly perfect to make up with your feet in the sand and to catch sunset from your own terrace, that’s the one ! From your deck, you have plenty of wonders to observe: a crystal-clear lagoon, the sun beaming on the ocean, a starry sky…
2 days in Tikehau to achieve this unforgettable stay on an atoll and live the most genuine experience of all…

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Any motu, as long as I find myself on a wonderful white sand beach, by the lagoon. Is there anything better on earth that the simplicity of our islands?

Your favorite restaurant?
I would choose the “Noix de Coco” food truck, located in the city of Punaauia. I highky recommend the local raw fish made by Teva or perhaps the duck magret with its delicious gratin dauphinois…

Piharamata – Reservation Agent

Born and raised in Tahiti, I used to be lulled by the waves, as I spent most of my vacations at my grand parents’ in Takapoto, within the Tuamotu archipelago.

I studied in Tahiti and was determined to become a teacher but then I went abroad for the first time of my life and the idea of working in the tourism industry came to my mind.
Naturally, I decided to go to the Hotel School of Tahiti but instead of choosing the tourism sector, I took a chance and applied for the hotel-restaurant field.

I started my career in Bora Bora and quickly took pride in sharing our culture, value our history, our heritage, the beauty of our archipelagos.
Even now, I am glad to keep telling the stories of our islands through my job, because every island is unique and I am thrilled to help you explore this diversity thanks to Moana Voyages.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
3 days in Bora Bora: known as “Paradise on Earth”, this island is definitely a must-see. Go round the island with a boat, taste a yummy picinic on a “motu” and explore the whole island with a 4×4 excursion, a bike or even a buggy! Make the most of your stay by observing the canons of WWII and getting to know the history behind it.
2 days in Rangiroa: to visit at least one atoll and getting to know what it feels like to feel utterly alone on an island, surrounded by coconut trees only. Here, there are no mountains, noting but a “pool motu” in which you can swim and discover an unprecedented fauna and flora.
2 days in Nuku Hiva: to ride a horse, surrounded by a wild and lush nature and enjoy the panoramic view from the great cliffs.
2 days in Rimatara: to talk with the “mama” who weave remarkable bags out of pandanus leaves and get to know where they get their dexterity from.
2 days in Rikitea: to learn everything you need to know about the black pearl and take a look at all these shades.

To me, the ideal stay in Polynesia implies to visit an island of each archipelago so as to have a glimpse of the diversity of the Polynesian languages, the various cultures and lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Without a doubt, Bora Bora ! Since 2015, I have spent most of my holidays there with friends and family to fish, make the most of the mesmerizing lagoon, the breathtaking landscapes and the sight from the canons during sunset.

Your favorite restaurant?
The Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora, a must-try ! Some even say “if you have never ever been to the Bloody Mary’s, you can barely say you went to Bora Bora”. There you can find anything: from Polynesian to international food but what I like most is to eat with my feet in the sand…

Sandrine, Sales Manager

Vahinetua is my Tahitian name which means, the woman of the ocean…
Born in Tahiti to parents from the Tuamotus islands, I have spent my entire childhood swimming in the lagoon of Tikehau, Island that took my heart forever and where my ancestors grew up. Coming also from a marquesian and an Austral Islands family, no wonder Polynesia runs through my veins and that I am so proud to share my culture, my joy of life, our traditional songs, our dances and our well known warm hospitality…

After a short stay in Hawaii, the call of my fenua (country) was too strong and I decided to comeback in Tahiti to reunite with my origins.
I first worked with my sister, owner of the Tikehau Village guesthouse and then I joined the M/S Paul Gauguin crew. Strong of my experience aboard the ship, I’ve decided to bring my support to the « Cruise Department » of one of the biggest travel agency in Tahiti.

I joined the Tahiti Cruise and Vacation team in 2016, after having worked for an online travel agency for 10 years. My daily routine is to offer our guests the sun, the lagoon and a daylife dream keeping in mind the same goal: make you want to visit our beautiful paradise to experience our islands’ perfumes, our monoï of tiare tahiti, get into the vibes of the toere and the ukulele, moove your hips on a « tamure », taste the famous « poisson cru », dive in our turquoise lagoons and bring back with you beautiful memories.. and who knows, you might want to come back !

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to rest from your trip and to walk around the market of Papeete, maybe to spot some nice souvenirs to bring back home? And if you are not too tired, you can join a Jeep tour to visit the wonderful valley of La Maroto.
4 days in Moorea to visit the Belvedere and taste the delicious homemade tropical fruits jam. If you come between June and October, you might get the chance to encounter with some whales and dolphins. Join a « Lagoon Tour » with Felicie (Mahana Tour), and enjoy her famous picnic lunch on a private motu (islet).

2 days in Tahaa where the « coral garden » is waiting for you, swim with colorful fishes, come and discover the Vanilla Island and its white sandy motu.. .
3 days in Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific, lay back and enjoy a stay in an overwater bungalow, you will be amazed by the most beautiful lagoon of the world…
3 days in my home Island, Tikehau: this little paradise where you can have the chance to swim with manta rays in 6 meters deep. You will adore to walk on the pink sandy beach surrounding the islets.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
I let you have a guess.. I also love Moorea where I once, wanted to live but I finally choose Tahiti.

Your favorite restaurant?
Our restaurants are so different that it is difficult to pick just one but I would say « La Plage de Maui », laid on a white sandy beach in Tahiti Iti’s peninsula. You can enjoy there lobsters, shrimps cooked with coconut milk and curry sauce and taste the famous platax with ginger.

Caroline, Product & Marketing Assistant

Born in the North of France, I spent most of my childhood in French Polynesia before heading back to French metropolis at the age of sixteen years old in order to continue my studies. Eager to learn and willing to broaden my knowledge in languages and culture, I decided to attend a preparatory class in litterature, with English and cinema as specialization fields, my two subjects of predilection. As I wanted to pursue a multidisciplinary education which matched my professionnal goals, I then chose to integrate a famous business school. .

In 2015, during my gap year, I had the opportunity to go back to Tahiti where I worked at the sales and marketing department for the Meridien Tahiti and the Pearl Resorts afterwards. I fell in love again with the island, its culture, its “mana” (spiritual power), its inherent generosity and its way of life.

Thus, even though I was really thrilled to discover new horizons as I settled in Kingston, Ontario in order to pursue my cursus and latter in Rouen, I quickly felt homesick.

In 2017, once I got my diploma, I took the decision to go back to my adoptive land. At that very moment, my academical background took on its full meaning : I could kill two birds with one stone, conjugate work and passion while using both skills and knowledge to promote what I love the most : the beauty of our islands.

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?

2 days in Tahiti so that you can rest from your trip, visit the Papeete market, discover the Papenoo valley in 4×4 and progressively get used to the Polynesian framework.
3 days in Moorea to contemplate the landscape from the belvedere, ride a horse, paddle along the lagoon and take a sunbath at Coco Beach, on the motu.
2 days in Bora Bora, inevitable stopover, in order to appreciate the calm provided by an overwater bungalow and enjoy the comfort of a five star resort.
2 days in Huahine, a wild and authentic island, which brims with legends. Bike around the island and take advantage of a boat excursion to taste the famous “ma’a Tahiti”, litterally sitting in the lagoon…
3 days in Rurutu to explore the caves, eat juicy oranges along hikes, enjoy the mild climate and swim with whales.

Your favorite place in Polynesia?

The Tahitian peninsula where you can feel utterly disoriented; it is a quiet place, all about lush green.

Your favorite restaurant?

I would definitely recommend l’Auberg’in, located on the heights of Papeete. The restaurant overlooks the capital and, if you arrive early enough, you can contemplate the sunset while watching boats returning from Moorea. An intimist setting, a breathtaking sight, an attentive staff and succulent meals. I highly recommend the burrata and its red pepper sorbet, the crispy parrot fish and the chocolate fondant, a staple of French cuisine. 

Nanihi, Product & Marketing Manager

Born in Tahiti, I also lived, studied and worked in other countries such as New Zealand, Chile and Spain. Along with my studies, I’ve had the chance to experience a variety of professional experiences over the last years; in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora, in a winery in Santiago or in the creation of a startup incubator in Barcelona. These many changes of environment have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, allowing me to interact effectively with a sense of ease. After several years overseas, I returned to French Polynesia to live in a completely new way my passion for travelling, foreign languages and for encounters without borders. Indeed, the travel industry is a lively sector I have always been attracted to. Ocean lover, I spend a good part of my free time free diving or on my paddleboard..

Your ideal stay in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to discover the capital of French Polynesia
4 Days in Moorea to enjoy its soothing landscape
3 days in Tetiaroa to see at least once this mythical island
4 days in Fakarava to explore its amazing underwater life

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
Ahe is a very special island for me. This small atoll in the Tuamotus, which shares the surreal beauty of the other islands of the archipelago, holds a special place in my heart as I spent some unforgettable moments there with my entire family during my childhood.

Your favorite restaurant?
Although there is a large number of places that I have yet to discover (to my delight!), The Mayflower in Moorea remains my favorite one so far. The restaurant’s simple and yet sophisticated touch, the subdued lighting atmosphere in the evening, the talent of its chefs … there is so much to enjoy, feet in the sand, at the Mayflower.

Emmanuel – Agency Manager

I arrived in French Polynesia in 2000 with a background in the hospitality industry. I first worked few years as a Cruises Department Manager for an agency in Tahiti and then created and ran a travel agency during 13 years in Papeete before joining Moana Voyages in 2016.
During all these years, I have been lucky enough to visit many islands in French Polynesia, staying in all the hotels marketed by our agency and testing numerous excursions.
Therefore, I personally know the major players of the Polynesian tourism industry and developed close relationships with our providers.
As for leisure, I am passionate about scuba diving and my different trips in the islands gave me the opportunity to wet my flippers on the most beautiful spots in Polynesia. I also love sailing and I never miss an occasion to embark around our islands. Sailing is, to my opinion, the best way to discover the high islands of Polynesia.
Loving trips and photography, I never travel anywhere without my cameras and a small drone which shoots aerial photos.

Your ideal trip in Polynesia?
2 days in Tahiti to visit Papeete and cross the island with a four wheel drive.
3 days in Moorea to watch whales (between August and October) and go hiking.
7 days cruising with a catamaran between Raiatea, Huahine, Taha’a and Bora Bora
2 days in Bora Bora to enjoy a fancy hotel staying in an overwater bungalow
4 days in Rangiroa to dive
6 days in Fakarava (North and South) to dive

Your favorite place in Polynesia?
It is hard to pick just one but 2 places come on top of my mind. The Hanavave Bay in Nuku Hiva and its fantastic sunsets and Fakarava, south pass, where you can dive with hundreds of sharks.

Your favorite restaurant?
I always recommend my clients to end up their journey with a last evening at the Coco’s in Tahiti. It is for me the best restaurant in Polynesia.

Juinor & Moby – Office Mascots

Straight out of Papeete, the capital city, our two town-dwellers joined the Moana Voyages team back in september 2018. Keen on bubbles and tiny seeds, these Sunday sailors quickly got accustomed to their brand new environment and they now play a leading role within the corporation.
Nowadays, they light up our daily life and impress us with all their improvised acrobatics. Just like us, they have developed a taste for discovery and like to play hide-and-seek behing their favourite moai. Peek-a-boo, I found you!
Unlike usual goldfish, these two don’t like to go round and round in circles: new seaweeds, some stone and they are ready to explore !