For your stay in the Cook Islands, we have carefully selected the best accommodation available. 

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Pacific Resort Aitutaki  - Diner view
Charming / Luxury

Pacific Resort Aitutaki

The Pacific Resort Aitutaki is praise for its stunning location in the heart of South Seas Polynesia.Winner of prestigious awards, is a heavenly retreat nestled amidst abundant tropical greenery and pristine white sand beach that encircle a breathtakingly stunning Aitutaki Lagoon. 

Cook islands
29 Room(s)
Restaurant / Bar / Swimming Pools / Spa
Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa - Beach

Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa

Nominated as a world class luxury in the Cook islands, the Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa is the perfect location for a romantic getaway or a family staycation in an idyllic south pacific location. 

Cook islands
7 Room(s)
Swimming pool / Spa
Aitutaki Escape - Aerial view - Aitutaki Escape

Aitutaki Escape

Aitutaki Escape: The ultimate escape into Polynesian luxury, where privacy, relaxation and breathtaking views come together.

Cook islands
3 Room(s)
Little Polynesian Resort Rarotonga - aerial view of the hotel from the sea

Little Polynesian Resort Rarotonga

The Little Polynesian Resort is specially designed to offer privacy and comfort. It is the perfect place to be for an unprecedented luxurious romantic getaway in Rarotonga.

Cook islands
14 Room(s)
Nautilus Resort - Pool & Restaurant - Nautilus
Eco friendly / Luxury

Nautilus Resort

The Nautilus Resort has an elegant Polynesian resort style. This place is the perfect way to escape reality and enjoy a tropical island oasis in Rarotonga.

Cook islands
17 Room(s)
Pacific Resort Rarotonga - Aerial view - Pacific  Resort Rarotonga

Pacific Resort Rarotonga

Along Muri's beautiful beach, the Pacific Resort Rarotonga is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Ideal for a romantic weekend away, it's also one of the only accommodations in Muri suitable for families with children!

Cook islands
64 Room(s)
Piscine / Bar / Restaurant
Kia Orana Bungalows - Garden

Kia Orana Bungalows

The Kia Orana Bungalows is a peaceful oasis located in the center of the island of Atiu. There you'll be able to enjoy the island breeze and views of the valley. 

Cook islands
Mountain side
6 Room(s)
Tamanu Beach Resort - View hotel

Tamanu Beach Resort

The Tamanu Beach Resort has an island charm and is perfectly located on the beautiful lagoon of the cook islands.

Cook islands
23 Room(s)
Restaurant / Bar / Swimming Pools / Spa
Atiu Villas - Aerial view - Atiu Villas

Atiu Villas

Nestled in the heart of the mysterious island of Atiu, Atiu Villas is a little cocoon offering accommodation with everything you need for a relaxing and discovering stay, whether you're traveling as a family or a couple.

Cook islands
Mountain side
6 Room(s)
Muri Beach Club Hotel - swiming Pool Muri Beach Club Hotel

Muri Beach Club Hotel

Located on the Cook Islands' well-known coast, the Muri Beach Club Hotel is the place to be if you want to relax and be pampered in Rarotonga. 

Cook islands
30 Room(s)

Which hotel or guesthouse for your stay in the Cook Islands?

Whether you're looking for the comfort of a luxury hotel or the authenticity of a guesthouse, you'll find a wide range of accommodation in the Cook Islands that will meet the needs of as many travellers as possible. The main island, Rarotonga, is the heart of this dream destination and an essential stop-off for both the beginning and the end of your stay. It's also full of great surprises for your vacation, starting with its accommodation. The Cook Islands offer a range of accommodation options, all of which have at least one thing in common: the warm welcome so typical of this beautiful region of the Pacific.

Most of these accommodations are located not far from Avarua, where you can go to explore the town, discover the market and its handicrafts, or dine at the famous food trucks that set up in the evening. Apart from the capital, there are other treasures to enjoy during your vacation in the Cook Islands, such as the great beaches dotted around the island and its verdant mountains. As for the lagoon, Rarotonga has some excellent diving sites and is ideal for a first dive. In the Cook Islands, you can also watch humpback whales dance around the island from August to October. Before setting off to discover the other islands and the many surprises they have in store for you, enjoy a well-deserved stopover in Rarotonga. Between the coconut palms and the lagoon, this is where your passion for the Cook Islands begins. Our destination experts will help you choose the ideal accommodation for the first stage of this magnificent adventure.

Frequently asked questions :

How to find an accommodation in Cook Island ?

Your Polynesian adventure begins in the enchanting Cook Islands. Here, you'll find a variety of accommodations, ranging from luxurious resorts to more practical options. To discover more about the best accommodations scattered across the island, explore our curated selection.
Take a look at our selection of accommodation

What’s the best hotel in Cook Island for a romantic stay ?

For couples seeking a romantic retreat in the Cook Islands, the Pacific Resort Aitutaki stands out as an idyllic choice. Nestled on the stunning shores of Aitutaki Lagoon, this luxury resort offers a secluded and intimate ambiance, perfect for romantic getaways.The resort features world-class amenities such as a spa offering couples' massages, fine dining restaurants serving delectable cuisine, and romantic sunset cruises.
Discover the Pacific Resort Aitutaki

What’s the best hotel in Cook Island for a honeymoon?

For honeymooners seeking an unforgettable romantic experience in the Cook Islands, the Aitutaki Escape stands out as an exceptional choice. Situated on the pristine shores of Aitutaki Lagoon, this resort offers luxurious and intimate accommodation options, including overwater bungalows with direct access to the crystal-clear waters below. Couples can enjoy secluded privacy, breathtaking views, and personalized service throughout their stay.
Discover the Aitutaki Escape

What’s the best hotel in Cook Island for a luxury stay?

For travelers seeking the epitome of luxury in the Cook Islands, the Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa is a top choice. Perfectly located and offering a breathtaking view on the Muri Lagoon, this exclusive resort offers unparalleled luxury and seclusion.
Discover the Rumours Luxury Villas & Spa

What’s the best accommodation in Cook Island for a family vacation?

For families planning a vacation in the Cook Islands, the Pacific Resort Rarotonga is an excellent choice. This family-friendly resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit different family sizes and budgets.With its convenient location, family-friendly amenities, and welcoming atmosphere, the Pacific Resort Rarotonga provides the perfect base for families to enjoy a memorable vacation in the Cook Islands.
Discover the Pacific Resort Rarotonga

What’s the best accommodation in Cook Island for a friend-only stay?

For a friend-only stay in the Cook Islands, the Tamanu Beach Resort offers an ideal combination of comfort, convenience, and relaxation. Situated on the pristine shores of Rarotonga, this resort provides a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere perfect for friends traveling together.
Discover the Tamanu Beach Resort

What’s the best guesthouse in Cook Island for an authentic stay?

For an out-of-the-ordinary stay, right in the heart of Polynesian nature, we recommend the Atiu Village. Located in Atiu, this haven is less known than the other islands. Let yourself be lulled by the enchanting tropical garden and its pineapple field.
Discover the Atiu Village

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