Bora Bora Wedding: Where to get married…

Ever dreamt of getting married in Paradise on Earth ? Bora Bora, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and an overall gorgeous tropical setting are just a few miles ahead…

Located right in the middle of the Pacific ocean, in the Society archipelago of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is definitely among the top locations lovers have in mind when it comes to marriage. If you are looking for intimacy, there you go! Just picture a tiny island over a turquoise lagoon, surrounded by remote islets on a surface as vast as Europe and here you have your paradisal screensaver.

Planning your wedding in Bora Bora

We know how stressful organizing such an event can me, especially when your feelings are involved.
Thus, the first thing you need to do is defining your budget, this will help us in targeting the right establishments.
In this case, you have only two options: creating each and every detail of your wedding on your own, from A to Z, or entrusting us with this special mission… We would not want to influence you but it is always a good idea to let go and unwind for a while before jumping into this great adventure…

Your wedding is the event of a lifetime, rest assured we will do our best to meet all your desires and exceed your expectations. Feel free to share your wills so that we can adapt our quote to your dreams.

If you wish to plan your wedding with Moana Voyages, all you need to do is set a date ! Remember, keep in mind our climatic conditions and check out our Bora Bora island guide. And if you want to fully recover from jet lag and appreciate every moment of YOUR day, we highly advise you to arrive 2 to 3 days ahead of your wedding.

What documents do you need to get married in Bora Bora?

Regarding civil unions, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

  • Copies of both birth certificates issued less than six months before the wedding date
  • Passports with valid legal status
  • If applicable, divorce certificates
  • If the previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate (translated into French and authenticated)
  • Proof of residence for both of the future spouses
  • A letter signed and dated by both future spouses; addressed to the mayor of the commune chosen for the marriage ceremony (in French with the English translation attached and both version should be authenticated)
  • The completed Marriage of foreign citizens in French Polynesia Form
  • Certificate of No Impediment*
  • If applicable, marriage contract or notary certificate, if the spouses have drawn up a marriage contract*

Eventually, please note that all original documents must be provided to the Town Hall no later than 60 days before the date of the ceremony.

If you are not into paperwork, you can officially get married in your state before departure and organize a symbolic ceremony here in Bora Bora.

Which resort should you choose for your wedding in Bora Bora?

Is there really something more romantic than an intimate ceremony by the beach?

Bora Bora is undeniably the favorite location of future spouses and newlyweds because it encompasses everything you have always been yearning for. The indisputable beauty of the environment and the quality of the services provided on site make it the ultimate elopement. Whether they are located on the main island or the islets, the luxury resorts all feature high-end facilities and boast an extensive list of amenities, including international dining options, overwater hot tubs, private spas and breathtaking sights, wherever you go.

Whether you want to celebrate your union with your friends and family or you want to make it just the two of you, we will make sure you remember very distinctly the moment you went down the aisle in the most stunning exotic setting. Feel the breeze in your hair and the warm sand between your toes, we are planning your wedding for you!

Below is just a glimpse of what you can expect, feel free to slide over our selection and share your desires with your consultant, the adventure has just begun…

Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Nati Hau Ceremony
The Ultimate Treat! The ceremony takes place on the beach. Start this special day with a 50-minute couple massage.
Your Bride’s bouquet and Groom’s boutonniere will be delivered to your room prior to the ceremony.
Receive a symbolic wedding certificateand a beautiful Tahitian pearl to keep the memories alive. Celebrate sharing a
Champagne toast and cake cutting. The next morning, enjoy breakfast in the privacy of your room.
2020 rate  : NZD $2,120.00

Te Moana Ceremony aboard the Okeanos
Looking for something truly unique? A wedding ceremony on the deluxe solar catamaran Okeanos Pearl will be
an amazing eco-conscious option. A ceremony with just you, nature’s beautiful elements, and a Master of Ceremony
who will seal your love as you exchange vows and rings. “Happily Ever After” continues with a private lagoon glide and bubbles!
2020 rate : NZD $2,298.00

Royal Wedding Day
A day fitted for the king and queen that you are. Start the day with breakfast served in the privacy of your room .
Get pampered with a couple treatment (duration 3h20). Afterwards, the Master of Ceremony will bless your union on the beach.
Board the Okeanos Pearl, the deluxe solar catamaran! All you’ll hear are the champagne bubbles popping
and if you wish, your selection of music. Dinner will be served on the beach, under the magic of a starlit sky.
2020 rate : NZD $5,299.00

Le Méridien Bora Bora

Wedding Proposal
Say “yes” in a paradisal setting. Surrounded by the magical Bora Bora, a typically Polynesian floral decoration
and with a half bottle of champagne, ask your other half to marry you!

2020 rate : NZD $428.00

Herero’a Wedding
You expect a lot from your wedding day? Here you go: an outtriger canoe escort, a photoshoot (50picures),
a traditional Polynesian ceremony, a floral decoration, a half bottle of champagne,
a romantic
dinner on the beach and a little attentions gently brought to your room.
2020 rate : NZD $2,715.00

Otemanu Wedding
This celebration encompasses everything you have always dreamt of: an outtriger canoe escort,
2h of hair and make-up preparation, a photoshoot (100 picures), a traditional Polynesian ceremony, a floral decoration,
a dance show, a wedding cake,a half bottle of champagne, a romantic
dinner on the beach and a few surprises in room.
2020 rate : NZD $6,429.00

Intercontinental Bora Bora le Moana Resort

Intimate Ceremony
As in Polynesian tradition, the couple is conducted, to the accompaniment of local song, to the Tahitian priest.
The priest unites the couple according to tradition and blesses them with sea water. They are christened with
their Polynesian names on a Tapa wedding certificate.
The priest then wraps the couple in a Tifaifai, as a symbol of
their union before giving them a last benediction.

2020 rate : NZD $1,710.00

Traditional Ceremony
Make your dreams come true with our grand Tahitian wedding, taking place at the end of pontoon,
a magic moment to share together.
Dancers will escort you to the priest, accompanied by a traditional music group.
After the priest purifies you with sea water, you are wrapped in a Tifaifai, the Polynesian wedding quilt,
in the tradition of Tahitian royalty. As the ceremony ends, Polynesian dancers perform a private dance show to celebrate your union.
2020 rate : NZD $2,863.00

Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island

“Simply Magnifique” Ceremony
A traditional and intimate ceremony to exchange your vows in perfect harmony: traditional clothing with pareo, necklaces,
crowns, a flower bouquet and two exotic cocktails on the beach…

2019 rate : NZD $1,401.00


Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

Intimate Blessing
Couples who wish to celebrate their love intimately will be delighted with this ceremony.
Two idyllic locations are custom designed for you : our Blue Lagoon Chapel and a private white sand beach.
The priest welcomes you and proceeds to the ceremony using Polynesian symbols of marriage.
You exchange flowers necklaces and crowns, as the symbol of your union.
The priest gives you the last benediction with the sacred Auti leaf as you exchange a kiss.

2020 rate : NZD $1,824.00

Traditional Ceremony on the Beach
The ceremony takes place on a private white sandy beach covered with colorful flowers and coconut palms.
A traditional outrigger canoe takes them to the place of the ceremony.
The priest unites the couple in Tahitian language, the bride and groom then exchange their vows.
The couple is introduced to Polynesian dancing before being escorted back to their villa, where a delicious wedding cake
anda bottle of French Champagne await them on their decorated terrace.

2020 rate : NZD $3,276.00

St Regis

Intimate Ceremony
Perhaps would you like this special event to be totally private? So be it, just the two of you… and the priest then ! 
2020 rate : NZD $1,425.00

Simple Polynesian Ceremony
You are not into big events? This tailor made ceremony was intended for you! Pareos, flower leis and crowns,
a priest and a ukulele player and voilà… you are married !  This unadorned ceremony is all you could ask for…

2020 rate : NZD $1,851.00

Traditional Polynesian Ceremony
How about going down the aisle surrounded by petals and palm tree leaves? The groom arrives in a traditional canoe
while the bride-to-be awaits on the beach, listening to Polynesian music as dancers perform.
This 30 minute ceremony also includes pareo adornment, flower leis and a tapa wedding certificate.

2019 rate : NZD $3,419.00


Tiare Ceremony
Traditional music, an exotic decoration, a wedding planner and a Polynesian priest: all you need to do is “say yes”!
Once your wedding certificate in hand, enjoy your bottle of Champagne and wedding cake and live happily ever after…

2020 rate : NZD $1,715.00

Tiare Ceremony on Motu Tapu
If you want to make this special event even more exclusive, the ceremony can also take place on private islet.
2020 rate : NZD $3,143.00

Four Seasons

“Aparima Himene” / Romantic Dance Ceremony
Right on time, we were just waiting for you… An outstanding setting, Polynesian songs, a wedding planner,
assistants steaming your outfits and a personal photographer, organizing your wedding is easy as pie !
No need to prepare your bouquet or your cake, everything is already set up. Make the most of this unforgettable event!

2020 rate : NZD $4,847.00

“Moemoea o te Huru Tini” / Colorful Dream Ceremony
Let’s make your wedding even more special by adding a Tahitian petal shower and a romantic dinner on the beach
in addition to what the Romantic Dance Ceremony features. Did we mention someone will take care of your hair
and makeup?…

2020 rate : NZD $6,462.00

“Poe Here” / Pearl of Love Ceremony
And now ladies and gentlemen, let’s create magic ! We offer to make theColorful Dream Ceremony even more extraordinary
by adding some special features. How about a one-hour couple spa treatment, followed by one hour of relaxation
in the exclusive overwater spa suite and a videography package of your whole ceremony? Seems like a deal…

2020 rate : NZD $9,155.00