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Your all inclusive trip to Moorea

You cannot visit Tahiti without making a detour to its sister island: Moorea. Located in the Windward Islands, in the Society archipelago, this small island of 134 km2 has conquered the heart of anyone who has had the chance to visit it. Its unique beauty, its soothing atmosphere and ease of access make it a must see destination. Located a 7-minute flight away from Tahiti, Moorea is also accessible by ferry, seaplane and helicopter. Embark on an unforgettable trip.

Why visit Moorea?

If Moorea is not the most famous island of French Polynesia, it surely is one of these jewels that we love to find. A true microcosm, Moorea is self-sufficient; everything is small and endearing. Moreover, if it is technically feasible to circle the island in an hour and a half by car, the scenery is so beautiful that it is impossible not to stop every five minutes. It is so rare to be surrounded by such a paradise that you feel like immortalizing each moment. Crystal clear waters with shimmering reflections, lush green mountains and iconic places of the island like the beautiful church of the Holy Family in Haapiti… everything is harmonious. However, if you want to explore the island deeper, you will have to stay a few days. Take the time to make a flower wreath, attend a local dance class, explore the lagoon on a jet ski, ride a horse, visit pineapple plantations… Diving enthusiasts will also be content; the translucent waters are perfect to observe the underwater fauna and flora. If you arrive between June and October, there are some good chances that you will get to observe the magnificent humpback whales. Many trails also allow some hiking, cycling or 4WD adventures. Everything will be present for you to take a breath of fresh air in this preserved paradise.