Tahiti tours and excursions

Things to do in Tahiti – Our excursions in Tahiti

Into the wild, deep into the blue or up in the air, there you go… here is our selection of the best tours and excursions of Tahiti.

If you are willing to add a little more spice to your package, you are in the right place. However, if you are just looking for an excursion, follow us on Tahiti Activities.

Papenoo Valley 4WD Safari

This guided tour will take you to the heart of the Papenoo Valley, at the center of the crater of Tahiti , to discover lush vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking views and the famous Vaihiria Lake. Do not forget your swimsuit for an invigorating swim in the river!

This tour is also available in half day.

NZD $118.00 per person

Lunch not included.
Included: 1 pareo, a  bottle of water, several shows and a towel loan.

Duration : Full day

Circle Island Tour

Go around the island of Tahiti and explore its must-see sites. Start off your half day adventure with the East Coast and see the Venus Point, the Faarumai Waterfalls, the Blower Hole and the Taharaa Viewpoint. Continue your tour to the West Coast and discover the Marae Arahurahu.

NZD $69.00 per person

Lunch not included

Duration : 4:00 hrs

Introductory dive

Discover scuba diving and dive with your instructor in the shallow waters of Tahiti.

NZD $177.00 per person

Included : Equipment

Duration : 2:00 hrs

Exploration dive

Discover the wonderful scuba diving sites of French Polynesia and dive into the depths of Tahiti. The island’s beautiful marine life awaits you.

Trainings and inter-island packages of 6, 10 or 20 dives are also available.

NZD $259.00 per person

Included : Equipment

Duration : 2:00 hrs

Sailing to Tetiaroa on a catamaran

Sail to Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando’s legendary atoll, aboard one of the largest and fastest catamarans in French Polynesia. After about 3 hours of sailing, you will explore the many wonders of the island accompanied by your guide and enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters. An adventure worthy of the name, in an exceptional setting!

Excursion of 1 night and 2 days in Tetiaroa also available.

NZD $213.00 per person

Included : Breakfast, lunch, fruits, snorkeling equipement

Duration : Full day


Whether you are a beginner, a fan of Sunday family walks or an accomplished sportsman, you will be offered a great range of hikings, for all levels. Get to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Tahiti, penetrate the Fautaua Valley or climb to the top of the Aorai Mount.

The boldest ones will have the opportunity to extend their excursion with one night in a tent or in a shelter.

NZD $86.00 per person

Included : Transportation, a bottle of water, refreshments at the end of the excursion.

Duration : Full day

Aquatic Hiking

You are not afraid to get wet and you have an adventurous mind? Lucky you.. we happen to have exactly what you need ! Jump into your best looking wetsuit and explore the « lavatubes » or Vainavenave : exceptional settings, breathtaking sights and unforgettable memories at stake.

NZD $144.00 per person

Included : Transportation, a bottle of water, equipment, shoes, refreshments at the end of the excursion.

Duration : Full day


Are you a thrill seeker ? We offer to introduce you to canyoning. Move along creeks, hurtle down torrents and explore tahitian canyons ; nature brims with waterfalls, rivers and mind-blowing ponds.
Whether you will be trudging, swimming , jumping, sliding or even rappelling down, our team will always keep an eye on you and keep you safe.

To-do list : Mahateao, Vapurau or even the famous « lavatubes ». Everything was intended to create long-lasting memories, let’s enjoy the ride !

NZD $203.00 per person

Included : Transportation, a bottle of water, wetsuit, shoes, equipment, refreshments at the end of the excursion.

Duration : Full day

Jet ski guided tour

From its lush green mountains to its invigorating blue lagoon, Tahiti holds its share of treasures.

Enjoy this guided tour to discover the lagoon of Tahiti and to appreciate its beauty. Water sports enthusiasts will be delighted.

On your program: approach the most popular surf spots, play with dolphins, and admire the coral reef and the white sandbanks.

30-minute and 2-hour tours are also available

NZD $264.00 for 2 pers on 1 Jet ski

Duration : 1 hour

Private boat tour with driver

How about escaping on the lagoon of Tahiti aboard a fast and comfortable scarab 195 ?

You will get to admire Tahiti from the sea and discover the most beautiful places on the west and east coast of the island.

Enjoy this special moment with friends or family (up to 6 people)

3-hour tours are also available

NZD $439.00 for 1 or 2 pers

Included : Snorkeling gear, beach towel, drinks

Duration : 2 hours

Car rental

Rent a class B manual car and explore the island as you please.

Many other categories of cars and rental durations are available.

NZD $171.00 per person

Duration : 1 day

Activities and excursions in Tahiti

Tahiti does not need an introduction. This famous Pacific Island coveted by all appears on the “wish list” of many… Its reputation is well established by now and has been built over time, thanks to the intrinsic beauty of the island, but also through the various activities that can be enjoyed there. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities offered.

What can you do during your stay in Tahiti?

Scuba diving: Tahiti is known for its rich biodiversity; its translucent waters make it possible to observe the marine fauna and flora. Whether you are a diving aficionado or an amateur, a team of professionals will be there to supervise and guide you.

Exploring the island: However, if the lagoon is filled with treasures, it is in the heart of Tahiti that you can find most endemic species. The mountains are home to priceless jewels concealed by lush vegetation. You can choose to discover them on your own as you embark on land with a rental car or opt for one of many existing tour packages. In this case, a guide will be happy to assist you and share his knowledge.

Fishing: The waters of Tahiti are full of fishes, and it is essential to know how to get them … Embark on a fishing boat and listen to the advice of local professionals… the Pacific will have no secrets for you!

What type of excursions can you do in Tahiti?

Hiking: Hiking seems tedious and boring? Leave your preconceptions behind to rediscover this trendy and fun activity! Appreciate the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life by contemplating nature and discovering breathtaking views. Marked trails with steep reliefs, Tahiti offers plenty of sites to explore with your guide.

Canyoning: Are you a thrill seeker looking to cool down under this hot sun? If you are not afraid to get wet, canyoning is for you. Paddle, jump, swim, avoid obstacles and have fun during an exciting day!

Papenoo’s valley exploration: Papenoo’s valley is located in the middle of a crater. You can find there many species, which is an opportunity to take a short course of botany and ancestral remedies. You can take a dip in the famous Lake Vaihiria, relax to the sound of waterfalls and commune with nature during an exhilarating day.

Why choose Moana Voyages for your stay in Tahiti?

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