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What is the best time to travel to the islands of Tahiti?

Shorts ? Okay. Bermudas ? Okay. Hat ? Okay. Pull-over?… You are planning to go at the very end of the world but you don’t at which time of the year or even what to put in your suitcase?

We will help you choose the most favourable moment to travel to Polynesia.
As big as Europe, this overseas territory remains an enigma for most people. Nevertheless, although there are acknowledged temperature differences between the various archipelagos, Polynesia enjoys a tropical climate all year long.

The weather in the Islands of Tahiti

First thing you need to know before heading to this tiny paradise is that the year is divided into two main seasons.

The dry season, which stretches from April to October, offers mild temperatures, between 72°F to 81°F. Also known under the name of “Austral winter”, this season is famous for its trade winds, especially from July to September.
All in all, this time of the year is particularly sunny, perfect if you want to practice outdoor activities. Whether you want to go for a horse ride, fly over the archipelagos to contemplate breathtaking panoramas, surf, go for a kayak session or go hiking, all the conditions, all the requirements are fulfilled.

The warm season, however, stretches from November to April. Temperatures vary from 77°f to 95°F and the atmosphere is globally more humid, especially from December to February. The weather is nevertheless favourable to boat excursions and improvised bathings as the lagoon temperature is about 79°F.
Even though it is hotter, the mild wind which blows almost constantly make it bearable and the walks are pleasant.
The Austral summer makes valleys lusher, fresh tropical fruit lovers will definitely appreciate this period.

Seasons in the islands of Tahiti

Even though there are clear differences between these two seasons, just keep in mind that in Polynesia weather changes permanently and sunny spells often replace clouds in a few minutes.

Due to the great distances between the islands, the climate may vary according to the archipelago.

What is the best time to travel to Tahiti and Bora Bora?

You may be wondering what is the best time to visit Bora Bora, what is the weather like in december, in january… If you are willing to go to the Society islands, such as Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or Huahine, it is probably better to choose the dry season, from April to October.

What is the best time to travel to the Tuamotu islands?

The Tuamotu archipelago beats the lot in terms of number of days of sunshine per year, in average it is about 3 000h a year. As the atolls and islets it is made of are flat, clouds have no mountains to hang above, which is why it rarely rains.

What is the best time to travel to the Marquesas islands?

Located 932 miles away from Tahiti, this archipelago is totally different from the others. The humid season there stretches from May to July, unlike elsewhere. Besides, the islands of the North are said to be dryer than those of the South.

What is the best time to travel to the Austral and Gambier islands?

Faraway from the Ecuador, the meridional archipelagos like the Austral and Gambier enjoy a mild climate. Temperatures are colder, sometimes 59°F in the early morning so put a sweat in your luggage. Anyways, the sun shines bright in this area as well…

What is the best time for whale watching in the Islands of Tahiti?

Now that we have talked about temperatures, it is now time to evoke another essential period of the year… whales season ! These great cetaceans indeed come every year to reproduce in the Polynesian waters. Coming from the Antarctic, they swim for about 4 350 miles and reach the Austral islands, pass by the Society islands and eventually arrive in the Tuamotu islands. Thus, from July to the end of October, the whales choose the warm waters of our fenua to give birth peacefully. In Rurutu, you are more likely to catch their blow, listing to the singing males and jump into the ocean for an unforgettable encounter.

What is the best time to dive in the Islands of Tahiti?

The famous Tiputa pass, the shark wall of Fakarava, the Garuae pass or even the fishy lagoon of Tikehau can be observed all year round but he conditions are definitely more appropriate from April to October. Red mullet, damselfish, damselfly, grouper, parrotfish, jacks, soles, scorpion fish, nazons, trumpet fish and hundreds of small coral species are waiting to be discovered.

Now that you have all these elements in mind, all you need to do is pick the package of your choice !

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