Before your stay

My Stay in the Islands of Tahiti

  • Feel free to ask your travel consultant for more information about the destination, for these little things that mean everything. Try not to spoil every part of your vacation…
  • Take a look at our blog to get to know more about the destination: its culture, its customs and its history.
  • Learn a few words of Reo Tahiti to impress people and chit-chat with the locals 
  • Leave stress behind
  • Pack basics and essentials only, make room for memories
© Tahiti Tourisme - Myles McGuinness

During your stay in french Polynesia

Meeting the habitants

© Tahiti Tourisme - Myles McGuinness

Let's avoid...

  • Stereotypes
  • To stay focus on your little habits, your daily life
  • To take pictures of people without asking
  • To venture alone, without a guide, off the marked trails
© Tahiti Tourisme - Grégoire Le Bacon

But rather...

  • Keep an open mind and be respectful
  • Show your pictures to your "models" or even better, hand them a copy
  • Stay on the beaten track and make sure to be accompanied and to inform someone of your itinerary

To preserve the beauty of our islands

  • Sort your waste and take a small bag with you to avoid throwing it away during an excursion.
  • Choose an eco-friendly sun protection
  • Take your flask everywhere to avoid using plastic bottles
  • Turn off electrical appliances, lighting, air conditioning and shut off the tap
  • Try to pick eco-responsible accommodation: try to find the coconut pictogram on our website
© Tahiti Tourisme

For a sustainable and prosperous Polynesia

© Tahiti Tourisme - Grégoire Le Bacon

Let's avoid

  • Keeping the same consumption habits and buying imported products 
© Tahiti Tourisme - Grégoire Le Bacon

But rather...

  • Consume local products, stop by small picturesque restaurants which priotarize short circuits and buy craftsmanship
  • Swap your sneakers for flip flops and live by the local lifestyle

To continue to promote the polynesian culture

Let's avoid

  • The most popular itineraries during high season when possible 
  • Touching artifacts and archaeological vestige
  • Picking up seashells on the beach (someone may live in here...) and touching endangered species

Read more about the endangered species in French Polynesia (in French)

© Tahiti Tourisme - Lei Tao

But rather...

  • Think outside the box and choose less crowded destinations which turn out to be as beautiful 
© Tahiti Tourisme - Stéphane Mailion

After your stay in French Polynesia

Say "Nana" (goodbye) The Islands of Tahiti

Think about...

  • Offseting part of the gas emissions of your trip by supporting a local association devoted to the preservation of the environment and cultural richness of our islands
  • Spread the word and tell your friends and relatives about these good practices 
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