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Family vacation packages to Tahiti & Bora Bora

Discover the islands of Tahiti with your family. Share some magical moments and create unforgettable memories for you and your children

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Turquoise Lagoon in Family - Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort
Turquoise Lagoon in Family

Take 6 days off to spend some quality time with your family in the most popular island of the world. This option will enable you to discover both land and sea sides.

Bora Bora
6 days - 5 nights
International flights included
USD $2,613.00
per person
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Precious Moments under the Sun - Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts
Precious Moments under the Sun

C. McCandless said “happiness only real when shared”, we selected four family-friendly resorts to help you reconnect with your loved ones.

Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - Rangiroa
11 days - 10 nights
International flights included
USD $3,607.00
per person
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Slice of Heaven - © Grégoire Le Bacon
Slice of Heaven

Who said travelling with your family was not a piece of pie? Spend a timeless vacation with your children, in some of our most beautiful resorts.

Tahiti - Taha'a - Bora Bora
9 days - 8 nights
International flights included
USD $4,381.00
per person
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What activities to practice in Polynesia with your family?

Aquatic trips!

In Tahiti, famous black or white sand surf spots are likely to please our barrel fans. The Taharu’u, located on the West Coast of Tahiti, the Rocky Point or the Bay of Papenoo on the East side are definitely not to be missed if you are willing to surf with your family. Of course, each and every of you will find their own type of wave. For non-professional families who only want to have a good time, the Point Venus is a must-see, especially at the end of the year. In fact, both kids and adults will have fun on these waves, known to be more gentle than anywhere else.
Other surf spots are waiting for you…but they are to be discovered with locals exclusively!

When in Moorea, you must jump into the lagoon and swim with sharks and string rays if you want to make the most of your stay. At five minutes by boat, in a warm and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lagoons of the world, have fun with your children!

In the other islands of Polynesia, there are plenty of nautical activities to discover. Paddleboarding, kayaking, or fishing in the lagoon in family are just a few of your options. On the sea side, you can also enjoy a cruise on a yacht or a catamaran, scuba-dive or snorkel to take a look at the different marine species, dolphins and sharks…

The outdoor promenades!

Apart from the beauty of the lagoons, Polynesia is renowned for its green mountains. Except for the Tuamotu islands, where atolls are omnipresent, the other archipelagos are, as for them, sculpted by mountains of more than 2 000 meters high. Indeed, Polynesia in family is also about discovering the many areas that are hidden in the middle of a prolific nature.

In Moorea, the Sister Island, you should take a ride along the incredible road of pineapples, whether in ATV, 4X4 or even with a bike, a great moment to spend with your family! A safe activity supervised by professionals, in the heart of the local agriculture which participates to the reputation of the island. As you arrive, you will be offered a glass of the famous pineapple juice, straight from the plantations.

In the Marquesas Islands, horse-riding is a must-try. Comfortably seated on your saddle, gallop along the sumptuous beaches and secluded valleys the islands provide.

What places to visit in family in Polynesia?

In spite of both industrialization and rising urbanization, Tahiti holds many secrets that are longing to be discovered. In fact, travelling to Tahiti in family may allow you to visit the famous market of Papeete. On Sunday mornings, almost all the locals gather there to get their weekly supplies in fresh products, fish from the lagoon or locally-grown fruits and vegetables. You might also have the opportunity to taste the famous firifiri (traditional donut made with coconut milk, a Sunday special), the succulent po’e and its yummy flavors, cooked by our mama in the ‘ahima’a, the legendary Tahitian oven. Well, an absolute joy for food lovers, no matter your age.

Travelling to Polynesia with your family is not just about tasting new meals, it is above all discovering a diverse cultural heritage. A history side that attracted quite a few explorers. Jacques Brel, Paul Gauguin or James Norman Hall, many writers and artists chose to end their days on this little piece of Paradise. Why don’t you find out how these islands of the very end of the world influenced their journey and work of art?
In the Marquesas archipelago, more precisely in Hiva Oa, you may be interested in visiting the Jacques Brel’s center, where you can find Jojo, his well-known plane (the one he used for the locals), some of his works and trinkets are still exposed in his memory. It is even possible to visit his grave and that of Paul Gauguin if you are fond of Polynesian culture. Concerning James Norman Hall, you shall go to Tahiti, more precisely in Arue, on the East Coast, to take a look at his former house, which is now a museum. His desk, typewriter and countless books remain at the very same place they used to. Indisputably marked by the 1930s, the site is open to visitors and it is even possible to have lunch in the garden.

On the sea side, the Point Venus, a delightful black sand beach, is a must-see. It is the first place James Cook discovered when he dropped anchor in Polynesia for the first time in 1769, it is also the place where the HMS Bounty (renowed British ship) landed in 1788. It was then described by two great explorers: Bougainville and Wallis and remains essentially known for its lighthouse, mythic symbol of Mahina, which used to be of a great help at night to navigators. Actually, it is a splendid site to discover, a place where you can take a swim and might learn new things.

Where to eat in Polynesia with your family?

In Tahiti, many restaurants provide a view over the ocean … Well, don’t you dare forgetting about the local foodtrucks in Vaiete! Famous for their location, by the banks of Papeete, the « roulottes » – that’s how one might say here – will please the whole family! Chinese, Tahitian, French and even Indian cuisines are to be found there. On a Friday night, you cannot go wrong with an exquisite chao-men (a Chinese mix of noodles, veggies, meat and sausages) !
For those who have a sweet tooth, give a try at our waffles and French crepes: chocolate, local fruits or even chestnut cream, there are dozens of options, try to top it all with our Tahitian vanilla. Could it get any better?
Make sure your kids spend some time in the outdoor space to rollerblade, improve their skateboard skills or just have fun hanging around.

Located on the West Coast of Tahiti, the restaurant of the Gauguin Museum is a nice and convivial space. All dressed up in their Polynesian outfit, the staff welcomes you with a tiare tahiti, iconic flower of the island. It is obviously the right moment to try our delicious ma’a Tahiti. Located by the sea, this place turns out to be homely and comfortable. After your meal, why don’t you take a walk by the fish pond? What a thing to entertain the family!

Recently built, the Red is appreciated for its western cuisine. This place is perfect to brighten up everyone’s mind. Besides, it is the only restaurant in Tahiti to offer the Daruma Teppanyaki experience.  So, have a sit and enjoy the show: the chef is preparing your dish, just in front of you.

On the island of Huahine, a thirty minute flight from Tahiti, there are plenty of snacks and restaurants. Seize the opportunity to eat nearby a white sand motu (islet) with your feet in the sea! Surrounded by the magnificient blue of the lagoon and several little multicolored fish, take a look at the preparation of the famous raw fish with coconut milk, an entertaining and mouthwatering activity for sure…

In Polynesia, nothing is impossible! In between two restaurants, you shall go around the island and have a picnic in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy a restful lunch in the water gardens of Vaipahi, at the top of the Pirae belvedere or of the plateau of Taravao and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Where to sleep with your family in Polynesia?

Travelling to Tahiti with your family is about discovering a different culture, a thoroughly different world where we wave at each other, whether you are in town, in the mountain or by the sea.
It is as simple as a smile on your face or a flower crown when you arrive. If you are looking after that experience, take a look at our accommodation selection.