Sandrine's rose-colored glasses...
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Sandrine's rose-colored glasses...

Sandrine's rose-colored glasses...

Some fuchsia pompoms spread all over the place, a 4-pastel color pen hidden under some sticky notes, a unicorn lost by a keyboard... No doubt, you are in Sandrine's workspace ! 
With her nice pearl necklaces and motley dresses, she is undoubtedly the most colorful sales manager of the Pacific area. However, she is certainly not an early riser but how can we complain when she carries a whole bag of croissants?
So here we are, getting to know better the main singer of our Hura Tapairu show.

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Tired of traffic jam and your everyday routine? Jump in a flight and come to our Sister Island for an amazing getaway ! Close your eyes and picture yourself in a 4-star category or even after your morning ride, sitting by the lagoon on the deck of a typical snack restaurant.


Retreat in Moorea
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Your soft Spot

You asked for a quiet yet lively place, modern but traditional, comfortable and also authentic, with a mix of both local and international culinary influences? Say no more, we have what you need. And no, the Raiatea Lodge is not the floating vote, it is precisely the choice of people refuse to give up anything, that's not te same thing! A huge colonial house surrounded by private bungalows in the middle of a tropical garden, tempting, isn't it? 

Take a look at the Raiatea Lodge Hotel.

Raiatea Lodge Hotel

The Activity you recommend

tropical fruit

Here comes your chow mein sandwich ! Doesn't ring a bell? Well, it's about time to jump in this pick-up and give it a try! On your way, you will stop by food stands and get to eat a few of our specialties like green mangoes with Chinese candy powder... Seems weird, but you will love it !

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Your travel Tip

"Keep calm and relax", it's the thing Sandrine most fervently believes in... Forget about the 52 mails in your box and take a real break. Once in the boarding zone, there's no going back. Polynesian people like to spread joy, just embrace it ! 

To read: "The polynesian tattoo"

Some would say you can read Sandrine. So yes, she definitely has a few memorable facial expressions but probably has more to do with the several tattoos covering her body and telling her story.
If you are eager to know more about the symbolism behind traditional tattoo, read this. 


A souvenir from Mireille & Martial's vacation

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