Manavai and her Polynesian Vibes
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Manavai and her Polynesian Vibes

Manavai and her Polynesian Vibes

You smell that palo santo scent as well, right?
Pretty sure it comes from Manavai's desk because, if there is something she dreads more than injustice and a messy mailbox, it's bad vibes! As for her house, it is filled with energy. With three little boys, she has definitely added sense of organization and proactivity to her soft skills.
Lucky you, she takes care of most of our English-speaking travelers. And if we do appreciate her ability to speak different languages, on a daily basis she often mixes French, English and Tahitian...
In the marketing department, we can easily recognize her quotes in just one look, since she always makes sure to add an inspired quotation and this attention to details is everything.
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"Om".... Do you feel relaxed yet? This honeymoon could not get any better: an overwater bungalow with a private pool by the most beautiful sland of the Pacific ocean, perfect weather, a gorgeous spa and a quiet place to start your whole life together. This getaway is an ode to love and relaxation...

Of Coconut and Papaya Flavors
Bora Bora
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Go big or go home ! Now that you plan to come to our islands, let's choose a fancy hotel... A remote island, a five-star service, a tropical scenery : when luxury rhymes with intimacy...

Discover The Brando

the brando

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lagoon services

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words but, you know what, we will write a few lines about this lagoon tour... Even though Bora Bora speaks for itself, your guide often makes a significant difference. You will always remember the way he told this unknown legend in such an epic setting or this improvised ukulele song.
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Preparation is the key to success. We could have made a whole paragraph about the main sites to explore but the only way to relax and make the most of your stay is to make sure you have completed the travel formalities in advance.

To read : "Te Pufenua, the unuterrable connection between Men and Land"

Polynesian people happen to have a very peculiar relation to land and this article might give you a few explanations. The pufenua rite helps us build our identity. An amusing anecdote: whenever we meet a family member by chance, we are used to asking them by which fruit tree their placenta was burried and we take great pride if it bears a lot of fruits.
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A nice comment

"Everything was excellent and went very well. Transfers were always waiting for us and the resorts were beautiful. We are very happy with the service provided. Manavai was amazing at listening to our requests and always responded back to emails very quickly. It was really a dream vacation, will definitely choose Moana Voyages again, thank you for the great memories!" - Peter

A souvenir from Jane & Jake in Bora Bora

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