The Art of Traveling with Davina
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The Art of Traveling with Davina

The Art of Traveling with Davina

Monday morning - 7am - the open space is silent... Davina must be teleworking! 
Straight back from the capital, this Parisian by adoption has returned to her native land in 2023, to our great delight. She has no filters, says absolutely everything that comes into her head, and that's undoubtedly what makes her so charming. That and her everyday tips, because if there's one person who's well placed to unearth good deals and find the best prices, from trips to the Marquesas Islands to second-hand mountain bikes, it's her. As you can imagine, Davina is the MacGyver of travel...
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Bora Bora

When I think of vacations, all I can think about is relaxation. And what better way to relax than under the sun of Bora Bora? Imagine yourself in your overwater bungalow with a breathtaking view of the infinite blue of the Bora Bora lagoon. Enjoy an exotic, relaxing stay in one of Polynesia's most beautiful settings.

Somewhere over the Lagoon
Bora bora
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Your soft spot

Nestled in the heart of a postcard-worthy setting, the Kia Ora Resort embodies the very essence of escape and luxury in the Polynesian islands. Surrounded by majestic coconut palms, this hotel offers an enchanting setting where nature blends harmoniously with modern comforts. From the moment you set foot on this Eden, you'll hear the murmur of the waves breaking on the beach...
And what about the crystal-clear swimming pool, glistening under the tropical sun, the perfect place for a moment of relaxation... What’s more ? Its breathtaking view over the lagoon, from the blazing sunrise to the brilliant moonlight, the panorama that unfolds before your eyes is simply magical.

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Kia Ora rangiroa

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Quad bike

Far from idleness and white sandy beaches, we invite you to get on your quad bike and head for adventure in the Paopao Valley!
If you're a thrill-seeker or just looking for an unusual experience, then this is the tour for you: wind your way through winding trails lined with lush vegetation, discover Moorea's pineapple fields and climb up to the Belvedere for a breathtaking view of Mount Rotui and the island's 2 iconic bays.

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Your Travel Tip

Be as far-sighted as Davina if you're as chilly as she is! And don't forget to pack some vests to cover up on chilly nights... And don't forget to pack your trainers for hiking, and some practical, lightweight linen pants to protect you from mosquitoes!

To read : "I have tested for you...the Au'a Tahiti workshop"

Looking for a fun family activity? How about a coconut bowl-making workshop? Accessible to the whole family, this workshop is sure to delight young and old alike. And as a bonus, you'll go home with your own creation! To discover Au'a Tahiti, click here.


Souvenir from Bora Bora

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