General information

  • Archipelago : Tuamotu

  • Population : 529

  • Area (lagoon) : 460 sq. km

Why Tikehau ?

  • Pink and white sand beaches
  • Amazing snorkeling and scuba diving sites
  • Mesmerizing underwater caves for experienced divers
  • The absolute tranquility of its landscapes

Photos of Tikehau

« The light comes not only from the sky, but also from the waters and magic sands that surround it », wrote T. Serstevens, amazed by the beauty of Polynesian atolls. Originally named after a man, Tii, and a woman, Hau, who associated their names for their child, Tiehau became Tikehau and mean « peaceful landing ». This circular shaped atoll is reckoned to be one of the most full of fish. Peace and quietness have built up the frame of newfound secret harmony between sea and sky.

Wild, natural and authentic… Tikehau is truly the Robinson’s island with its long ribbons of white or pink sands, inside of which a turquoise lagoon shelters the most amazing variety of fish. A visit to the fish parks or the Tuheiava pass, center of lagoon fishing will allow visitors to see the manta rays’ ballet, the shoals of barracudas and tunas.

Relax or stroll near the flowery village of Tuherahera, lined with rows of coconut trees, hibiscus and bougainvilleas, or go to one of the small motus (islets) that surround the lagoon where all sorts of birds nest, from red-footed gannets to brown noddies. All of this makes Tikehau one of the finest places to stay.

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