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General information

  • Archipelago: Tuamotu
  • Population: 3 071
  • Area: 79 sp. km

Why Rangiroa?

  • One of the largest atolls in the world
  • A beautiful diving site
  • Nice place to relax

  • Good fishing and snorkeling

Photos of Rangiroa

« The big sky » in the Paumotu language, is one of those atolls that one dreams about without really believing that it exists.

One of those fantasy worlds at the door of Utopia when the imagination travels far, far away… But not far away enough, however, to represent this ribbon of islets fringed with coconut trees, gathered around a turquoise blue lagoon that could enclose the whole island of Tahiti and whose depths shelter unusual marine life.

The waters of Rangiroa are abundant with sea life which congregates near the Avarotu Pass, famous for its manta rays, and the Tiputa Pass, also known as “100 Shark Pass”.

In her crystal-clear waters, the shimmering sun rays illuminate thousands of multicolored fish which populate the lagoon: parrot fish, jack fish, butterfly fish, moray eels, clown fish, all swimming alongside sea turtles, white tip (“tapete”) and gray sharks

The exhilaration continues until sunset with large dolphins dancing in the waves and for the luckiest, the soul taking songs of whales coming from the abyssal depths.

Rangiroa is known around the world for being divers’ paradise, but it also offers a large panel of activities such as bike rides to « the pink sands », a wonderful place for swimming, or boat trip to Taeo, known for the presence of Blue budgerigars, or even to the coral reef, made of emerged coral stones called “feo”.

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