I have tested for you… An overwater bungalow in Tikehau


  Vaiana’s experience…

I was fortunate to discover recently the exceptional experience of the overwater bungalow in Tikehau. This was my first overwater stay, and what’s more in the biggest hotel on the island, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort. Between the sun, swimming in the blue lagoon, the magical encounters with marine animals, the beautiful beaches and the privileged moments of relaxation … this beautiful escapade could have lasted an eternity, I would never have gotten bored!

The beginning of my adventure on this fabulous atoll of the Tuamotu

Gone for a surprise trip, I landed on the island of Tikehau. I never had the chance to go there before, it was a first. The  Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is located on a motu (= islet) accessible only by boat. Arriving at the reception desk, someone kindly led me to my bungalow (which at that time still was a mystery to me). As we got closer, we saw this amazing overwater bungalow. What a sight! Even just the walk on the pontoon to get there made me feel this pleasant change of scenery. Stingrays, fishes and black tip sharks welcomed me below my bungalow.

The discovery of my overwater bungalow and its wonders

Arriving at my door, I did not wait a second to open it. As soon as I entered the living room I could already see the fishes through the glass floor. Curious, I rushed to the terrace which immediately became  my favorite place. It was there that I enjoyed the most delicious moments: lying on my deckchair, a cocktail or a fruit juice in my hand, my sunglasses on my nose, a Tiare flower at the ear and hair in the wind. And then, all I had to do was relaxing to the sound of the water splashing below my underwater bungalow. In the evening, it is a unique sensation and an incredible chance to be able to admire the stars by standing above the water.

Colorful encounters in the lagoon

Every time my eyes turned to this idyllic landscape and these blue waters stretching as far as the eye could see, it was the same dilemma: “How about a little splash?” I went down the first stairs to reach the second platform. And there I was, feet in this sand with a beautiful pink color.

As soon as I had the time to put on my mask and fins, I was surrounded by different kinds of fishes, stingrays and black tips sharks. No need to be scared, they are nice. Once my little adventure was over, I returned to my bungalow using with the ladder in the water. I rinsed myself at the outdoor shower, still admiring the friendly fishes. From the bathroom I could also see them through the slightly open window.

An inescapable Polynesian experience to enjoy without moderation

Even when the sun began to set, I took advantage of the moment to feed the fishes with a little bread. What a beautiful sight! They mingled with the five black tip sharks and the stingrays, very curious too. I raised my head and there, before my eyes, a splendid sunset, a perfect mix of orange and pink, covering almost the entire sky. And that’s when I said to myself: “This overwater bungalow, it is something to live at least once in a lifetime!”.