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Honeymoon packages to Tahiti & Bora Bora

Your honeymoon is an exceptional event and we will do our best to follow your desires and create your perfect journey. Feel free to share with us your expectations and we will make sure to adapt these offers to your dream

Honeymoon in Tahiti

If a wedding marks the consecration of the union between two people, it is essential to make this moment all the more memorable with a one-of-a-kind honeymoon. So, whether you are more conventional, an adventurer or a globetrotter, we have what you need. Tahiti is one of the favorite destination of honeymooners. And it just happens to be our area of expertise… Making your honeymoon unforgettable is what we do best, and we will meticulously prepare this long-awaited stay for you…

How to organize your honeymoon?

Just like any wedding, it is important to anticipate and prepare your honeymoon in advance. The first thing to do is of course to define a budget; this will help us to guide you towards a specific destination, a type of accommodation and activities. Also, according to your needs, your desires and inclinations, two options are available to you: prepare your trip entirely on your own or entrust its organization with a travel agency and enjoy the process to relax.

Therefore, all you have to do is set a departure date taking into account weather conditions and factors specific to your destination. Do not hesitate to search the internet and contact us on our website to benefit from our team’s advice.

Which island to choose for your honeymoon?

The choice of the destination is quite significant as it conditions your trip entirely; that is why it must match with your personalities. Tahiti is undoubtedly one of the most famous destination in the world. The hundreds of islands that make up French Polynesia are all endowed with a charm of their own. It is the ultimate romantic destination, which is why you cannot miss it. Bora Bora, Taha’a, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Rangiroa, Tetiaroa or Tikehau are some of the most popular islands, and these are only a glimpse of what we can offer you. Each of these islands will seduce you, undoubtedly. You also have the possibility to combine several of these islands and thus get an even wider grasp of what these have to offer.

Which accommodation to choose for your honeymoon?

Once you have settled on a destination, you can then begin to think about your accommodation. Needless to say, between the stress of planning a wedding and the fatigue, it is essential to get a well-deserved break. Considering that the accommodation options are numerous, which atmosphere is best for you in this sense is a matter of taste, desires and budget. How about enjoying the luxury and comfort of an international five-star hotel? Perhaps you prefer an overwater bungalow overlooking the sunset or a small intimate beachfront room? If you want to open up to other horizons and soak up the local culture, what’s better than a guesthouse that will surprise you in the most pleasant ways and make you discover succulent dishes? Nothing like a warm setting to turn your honeymoon in Tahiti into an unforgettable moment.