Shine bright like Mélanie...
Moana Voyages - Caroline

Shine bright like Mélanie...

Have you seen this sunshine beaming in your mailbox? Yep, it's Mélanie !
Queen of rebuses, worthy adversary at the game of hangman and undisputed master of Time's up, she organizes honeymoons and board game parties like no other... 
Just like Naïs, she moved to the land down under and, a couple of years and two little girls later, there she is, in the open space of Moana Voyages, fighting for a place far from the A/C.
If she always succeeds in finding the very last availabilities, it's because she draws espresso capsules real fast... And, on Sundays, she makes sure to get a good dose of vitamin-D as she tries some figures with her wake board...
And if this sneak peak aroused your curiosity, you should check this out.

Your favorite Package

Keep it short and sweet !  5 nights, a 5-star resort and a million-dollar view...
Did I forget to mention the Four Seasons turns out to be located in Bora Bora?



My Bubble of Love in Bora Bora

Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - Huahine - Raiatea

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Bora Bora

Your soft Spot

Vahine island

Ready for the owner's tour?
Do you smell this sweet fragrance? It's Taha'a and its vanilla fields tickling your nostrils. On the decibel scale, the neighbourhood is said to be really quiet with the mere murmur of the waves breaking against the overwater bungalows in the background. On your left, an uninterrupted view over the coral gardens spangling the lagoon.

Yes, I offer you to live the Robinson life for a few days -  except there will be no Friday this time but we added the luxury and tailoring parts. With only nine bungalows, the Vahine Island is a human-sized hotel. The kind of establishment where people call your by your name as they give you a glass of this delicious cocktail you took by the beach on the very first night...

Discover Le Vahine Island

The Activity you recommend

There are plenty of lagoon tours but you may have a hard time picking the right one... 
We refuse to see you packed together with fifty other people around a clownfish, or sitting on your neighbour's laps with some coconut bread leftovers in hand and a sunburn as a bonus.
Here, you can take all the time you need and explore the lagoon at your own pace, eating some juicy local fruits, comfortably seated on a lounge. Concerned with environmental matters and paying attention to the well-being of the aquatic fauna, Neykel and Fabien will make sure you have the best experience.

Take a look !

lagoon tour

Your travel Tip

Even though I know for sure that every single detail will last forever in your memory, don't you think that dreams deserve to be printed on glazed paper?
So, even if you are more of a GoPro vloger, you should take your camera wherever you go. You'll thank me later, in wintertime, leafing through your family album...

To read: Traditional Weaving - How to make a pae'ore headdress

pae'ore headdress

Predictable plot, I did not choose a recipe, as I am a lost cause...
But, when it comes to manual work, I am full of good intentions and don't we say it's the thought that counts? This year, my eldest daughter goes on stage for her very first traditional dance show so this article comes at the right time! If you would like to weave on your own, you should probably start by reading this.

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