Lined with coconut trees, inhabited by exotic birds and animated by a sparkling lagoon, Tetiaroa is a true paradise on Earth.

Located 53 km north of Tahiti, it is located in the Society Archipelago and not in the Tuamotus. The only low island of the Windward Islands, it has become a singularity not to be missed.

Composed of 13 motu (islets), it is completely surrounded by a coral reef, which makes it one of its characteristics and guarantees security and great tranquility.

Some statistics

Archipelago : Windward Islands
Number of inhabitants : 250
Area : 6 sq km
Climax : none (atoll)

In addition to its breathtaking beauty, Tetiaroa offers an invaluable biodiversity, representing a refuge for its fauna. It has an exceptional natural heritage but also a fairly rich cultural heritage. Indeed, the atoll occupies a special place in Polynesian history and culture. For centuries, it served as a privileged and private retreat for Tahitian royalty. There are still the remains of ancient marae (temples) built by the first Polynesians.

Marlon Brando discovered Tetiaroa while filming Mutiny on the Bounty and acquired it in 1967.

In order to preserve its natural and cultural richness, he aimed to create a luxurious hotel which would be both an example of ecology with a near-zero carbon footprint, a research center for scientists from all over the world and a place of study and discovery for new generations... Meeting Richard Bailey, a renowned businessman in Polynesia, allowed this project to take shape and The Brando hotel opened on July 1, 2014... unfortunately this great actor left before seeing him.

Why Tetiaroa ?

  • Its private and preserved setting 
  • Its incredible beauty and absolute tranquility 
  • Its top-of-the-range ecological establishment concept 
  • Its concentration of cultural wealth but also of landscapes, fauna and flora
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