Informations générales

  • Society islands :  Windward islands

  • Population: 50

  • Area : 38 km²

  • Highest point : No name (17 m)

Why Tetiaroa ?

  • The unique atoll of Society islands

  • An unforgettable beauty of its lagoon

  • Entire privacy and calmness

  • Birds motu (islet)

This royal island having been private for the last 50 years is located 42 km north of Tahiti. Its name means « being apart » in Tahitian. The unique atoll of Society islands, it consists of 13 white sand motu (slets) and had been used as a summer residence of Tahitian chiefs and kings for a few centuries. The island’s history is plenty of  curios facts. By the way the first European who visited Tetiaroa was captain William BLIGH. He settled here in 1789 while seeking for the Bounty mutineers. In 1904 this island served a generous gift gave by the royal family to the only dentist of Tahiti, Dr. Johnston Walter Williams.

A new page of island’s history was turned in 1965 when a famous Hollywood actor Marlon Brando fell in love with a Tahitian actress Tarita Teriipia and the whole region of French Polynesia as well, so that he managed to get a 99-year lease of the island. It still belongs to his family being nonetheless visited by tourists from all around the world.

Famous for its incredible beauty, the turquoise, clear-crystal lagoon ot the island is plenty of multicolored fish. Exceptional purple coral gardens are nestled in this lagoon often studied by international researchers thanks to its rich underwater world. One of its motu being known as a birds islet represents a whole natural reserve for a number of sea birds species. This island is like a magic kingdom of calmness, located far from everywhere, from noisy and stressful civilization.

As there is no public flights to Tetiaroa, nowadays the only way to discover this beautiful island is either to get there by sailing catamaran or to stay in a luxury hotel The Brando.

Marlon Brando’ dream was to build a nice, eco-friendly hotel well integrated in the island’s landscape. This concept was realized by The Pacific Beachcomber Group according to actor’s main ideas. The Brando, a luxury ecological hotel was open in 2014. It is 100% energy independent, using the most advanced ways of generating electricity.

Incredibly beautiful and calm, Tetiaroa welcomes you in a small piece of heaven.