I have tested for you: Moorea from the top of the trees

It’s on a Saturday morning, a few weekends ago, that the idea came to my friends and I to discover the treetop adventure course of Moorea. It turns out that this is a brand new thing on the island. Our shoes on and water bottles filled up, we are ready for an acrobatic and probably memorable morning. Our small group is heading towards the heights of Opunohu.

It is in a forest of Pinus extending as far as the eye can see that the adventure of the day begins. This superb setting, it goes without saying, is already worth the detour in itself. The immense and magnificent trees and the abundant vegetation make everyone here happy. There is a really nice atmosphere. Young ones and grown ups, everyone is here to have a good time! The freshness of the heights offers a pleasant contrast with the sunny beaches and lagoon.

After putting on our equipment and following the advice of our instructor, we are ready to take our first steps in the void. I stay behind all my friends who start the crossing. A strategic decision to be able to assist them if necessary, of course. The course begins smoothly with two large strings to cross, one at the height of the hands and another one at the feet … With our eyes closed! Then comes a series of suspended ladders and bridges of ropes. And finally the Tyrolean. Aaah the Tyrolean! You only need to follow the screamings and bursts of laughters to know in advance where these are placed. The whole group gives its very best to pass each step with dignity! Tarzan had better watch out ! Each stage brings us a little higher up in the trees. The void under our feet is impressive but the circuit is well secured and reassuring! This is the first time that I have the opportunity to observe the marvelous island of Moorea from this angle. You get a stunning view from up there! The song of the birds, the rays of sunlight that cross the forest of Pinus … Exhilarating is the word! One can only feel privileged in a place like this. We would almost forget the void under our feet. Almost…

We all had a great time! The daring as well as the “cautious” ones (not to mention any name). Chills for some and laughter for others, this morning was worth the detour! Moorea, although known by all, has proven once more that it still concealed many secrets. A small getaway up to our expectations (literally!) before returning to the sunny beach for a relaxing afternoon. Hard life under coconut trees!