French Polynesia is a maritime territory spreading over 4 millions of km². Located right in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it is about 17 100km away from Paris. The island of Tahiti, in the Society archipelago, is 17°32 South latitude and 149°34 West longitude. Located between California (3 850 miles away) and Australia (3 540 miles away), it turns out to be about 5 470 miles away from Tokyo.

With its 118 islands scattered over a territory as vast as Europe, the islands of Tahiti offer a wide range of options: honeymoons, romantic getaways, adventure tours, cultural immersions, spa retreats, aquatic explorations, nautical odysseys and much more…

The islands of French Polynesia are represented by five archipelagos featuring a strong identity:
The Society archipelago with its mountains, lush valleys and gorgeous lagoons.
The Tuamotu islands with its atolls and amazing coral gardens.
The Austral archipelago with its wild beaches and mystic caves.
The Gambier archipelago, cradle of catholicism and sanctuary of the legendary black pearl.
The Marquesas islands which inspired several artists such as Paul Gauguib or Belgium singer Jacques Brel, also known as the “land of men”.

Our Island Guide offers an overview of the wonderful destinations that we offer through our catalog. Touch the essence of each of these islands, discover the best they have to offer and appreciate their particularities in order to go into the heart of the many possibilities available to you.

Some statistics

Maritime territory: 4 million km2

Number of islands: 118

Location: in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Distance from mainland France: approximately 17,100 km

All different archipelagos

Îles du Vent

Windward Islands

The Society Archipelago and its high islands with landscapes of mountains, green valleys and azure lagoons
Tahiti Island Guide Tahiti Moorea Island Guide Moorea Tetiaroa Island Guide Tetiaroa
Îles Sous-le-Vent

Leeward Islands

The Society Archipelago and its high islands with landscapes of mountains, green valleys and azure lagoons
Bora Bora Island Guide Bora Bora Huahine Island Guide Huahine Raiatea Island Guide Raiatea Taha'a Island Guide Taha'a Maupiti island Guide Maupiti
Îles Tuamotu

Tuamotu Islands

Dotted with atolls, simple coral rings of pristine beauty, havens of purity set between sky and sea
Rangiroa Island Guide Rangiroa Fakarava Island Guide Fakarava Tikehau Island Guide Tikehau Ahe Island Guide Ahe
Îles Marquises

Marquesas Islands

Who troubled and inspired many artists including Paul Gaguin and Jacques Brel, the Marquesas, "The enua enana", powerful land of men
Nuku Hiva Island Guide Nuku Hiva Hiva Oa Island Guide Hiva Oa
Îles Australes

Austral Islands

Where panoramas of wild beaches mingle with mystical caves, vestiges of the past
Rurutu Island Guide Rurutu Raivavae Island Guide Raivavae Rimatara Island Guide Rimatara
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