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All inclusive Bora Bora vacation

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Your all inclusive trip to Bora Bora

Embark on a getaway in the most coveted destination guided by the best experts in the area. Moana Voyages, your specialized agency of French Polynesia, will take care of organizing all the details of your trip to Bora Bora at the best price. Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation to discover the most famous island of the Society archipelago. Whether you are globetrotter, recently married, travelling with your family or friends, Bora Bora will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Where is Bora Bora?

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bora Bora is located two hundred and sixty kilometers north-west of Tahiti. In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, between Australia and South America, this small paradise island is commonly called the “pearl of the Pacific”. The myth surrounding Bora Bora is undoubtedly related to its lagoon, surely one of the most beautiful in the world. In addition to its mesmerizing lagoon with exceptional colors, the island is surrounded by some gorgeous islets. Bora Bora is also home to Mount Otemanu, an extinct volcano 727 meters high that enhances the island’s postcard landscape. Very popular with travelers from all over the world, the remote location of Bora Bora adds greatly to its charm, filling its visitors with a feeling of serenity.

When to go to Bora Bora?

If Bora Bora is renowned for its heavenly beaches, some times of the year are more conducive than others to make this long-awaited trip. Between November and February in particular, the weather conditions are not always optimal. Nevertheless, most of the time, Bora Bora enjoys a temperate climate with an average temperature of 77 °F. The best time enjoy the sun is between March and October. The month of August is, in turn, is particularly suited for swimming.

What to do in Bora Bora?

With its breathtaking landscapes, Bora Bora is a source of fantasy. The pinnacle of exoticism, the crystal clear waters of the island and its landscapes are an invitation to travel and discovery. The island is full of activities. For a relaxing stay, you can opt for an overwater bungalow, swimming, sailing excursions, cruises or whale or dolphin watching. A wide range of water excursions are available for thrill-seekers who can rent a jet ski or dive to explore the great blue. In these clear waters, marine fauna and flora are a blessing to all. Those who wish to stay on land will also find bikes, various sightseeing tours, jeep safaris, island picnics and even traditional dance performances.

How to find your accommodation in Bora Bora?

The range of accommodation offered is very diverse. From the sophistication of word class resorts to the authenticity of guesthouses, all budgets find their match. The large renowned resorts will open their doors for you to enjoy exceptional comfort, surrounded by incredible scenery, for a stay out of time. The smaller accommodation, on the other hand, will delight travelers in search of immersion, rejoicing in the Polynesian warmth and culinary specialties.

Honeymoon in Bora Bora: the perfect destination for lovers?

Bora Bora is popular with honeymooners seeking privacy and memorable experiences. In addition to its exotic landscapes that provide an idyllic setting for romantic stays, Bora Bora offers calm and serenity to its happy visitors. At the other end of the world, newlyweds can live this unique adventure and write the first page of their story in the heart of this romantic Eden.