Bora Bora

General information

  • Archipelago : Windward islands (Society islands)
  • Population: 9 598
  • Area : 38 sq. km
  • Highest point : Mt Otemanu (727 m)

Why Bora Bora ?

  • The world’s most beautiful lagoon
  • Lavish resorts on the “motus”
  • A wide variety of water activities

Photos of Bora Bora

The Pearl of the Pacific

The French Polynesian Island was once a solitary hideaway for the nature lovers, adventure seekers and honeymooners. However, the advancement of tourism in Tahiti has seen a growth in transport and communication and with it, the influx of tourists frequenting the Bora Bora Island.

The beauty of the Island can be described as a small emerald embedded in turquoise and jeweled by a string of dazzling pearls. The lush green slopes and valleys and the palm encased Lagoon of Motu circle is a sheer treat for the eyes. The pristine white sandy beaches lapped by clear, emerald waters create outstanding visual impact. A dip into the sea reveals some of the rarest species of fish and corals in a burst of colors. A week-long trip to Bora Bora is an enigma which will continue to delight you and amaze you for the rest of your life.

Exciting sights

The lagoon is nearly 3 times that of the land mass and you can see unique shades of blue and turquoise while you explore the crystal waters. The Coral Garden lies in the southeastern part of the island. This is a natural underwater park, which features some of the rarest species of fish and corals.

The lagoon is indeed the best place for you if adventure and exploring the unknown is your passion. This is one place where you can enjoy hiking and trekking to suit your mood. If water sports attract you, the waters provide ample scope for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and parasailing. The underwater trip on an aquabike is the perfect activity for those seeking the thrill and pleasure of under-sea exploration.

The extinct volcano featuring in the center of the island is now best known for its two high peaks, the Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. The Vaitape village is located to the west of the island, opposite the main channel leading to the lagoon, a specimen of old-world charm and stunning rustic beauty.

Shopping, Food and Nightlife in Bora Bora

Bora Bora offers tourist fun-filled day and night experiences.

Popular day-time activities include shopping. The Shopaholics will be spoilt for choice at the I Te Fanau Tahi, Boutique Gauguin, La Galerie, Matira Pearls and Boutique which are some of the best places to check out for clothing, jewelry and souvenirs.

A rich and vibrant nightlife heightens enjoyment. Recommended dining and nightlife options for foodies and partygoers are Bloody Mary’s Restaurant & Bar, Roulotte Matira, La Villa Mahana, La Bounty and Burger. An absolute must on the island is their indigenous seafood cuisine.

In conclusion…

Year-long pleasant weather and stunning scenic beauty, make the island the ideal holiday destination for 18-30 to vacationers, families and couples.

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If you are looking for an electrifying beach holiday experience, Bora Bora is your answer!

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