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General information

  • Archipelago: Austral islands

  • Population : 905

  • Area : 16 sq. km

  • Highest point: Mount Hiro (438 m)

Why Raivavae ?

  • A real hidden paradise

  • Beautiful landscapes

  • Relatively fresh climate and hospitable people

  • Raivavae is original and authentic

Photo of Raivavae

Discovered in 1775 by a Spanish navigator Thomas Gayangos, Raivavae island is located 800 km south of Tahiti belonging to Tubuai islands archipelago.

This island is surrounded by a turquoise blue lagoon shaped like a crown by a number of small islets being home for different species of birds.

Being one of the wildest islands of the South Pacific, Raivavae is nice and green, with its velveteen mountains of more than 400 metres high. Its highest point is the Mount Hiro.

Raivavae island has a population of 1 500 people living in five small villages: Rairua, Mahanatoa, Anatonu, Vaiuru, Matotea. Like in Rimatara island, the Raivavae people are mostly protestants. Their native language is the Tubuai islands one, called “Reo Raivavae”. Raivavae has a marina bay and a local airport.

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