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Languages spoken in French Polynesia

While the official language is French, the indigenous languages, such as Tahitian (reo maohi), are still widely used in each archipelago.

English is also widely spoken, particularly in tourist areas.

You will find below a few words in Tahitian to prepare your trip to our islands

  • Ia Ora Na : Hello
  • Maeva : Welcome
  • Mauru’uru : Thank you
  • Motu: Small island (small islet inside the lagoon)
  • Moana : Sea
  • Pape (papé) : Water
  • Pape monamona : Juice
  • Faraoa : Bread
  • Faraoa monamona : Cake
  • Hapaina : Glass
  • Pia : Beer
  • E (é) : Yes
  • Aita : No
  • Nana, Parahi : Goodbye
  • Tiare Tahiti : Flower, emblem of the French Polynesia
  • Tiki : Polynesian handcrafted statue
  • Matete (Matété) : Market
  • E aha to oe huru ? How are you ?
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