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Booking with Moana Voyages VS booking online

  • Human warmth: There is nothing like human contact… Our travel consultants do not only book your stay for you, they look after your personal interests and take care of each and every detail to respect your wills and exceed your expectations. In order to simplify procedures and establish a connection, a personal travel consultant will be assigned to you so as to ease exchanges and make you feel free to express your aspirations, doubts and fears. One interlocutor, one recipient only whenever you make a payment, we favor relational proximity and transparency.
  • Enjoy personalized advices: Whether you are a globetrotter willing to go round the world, newlyweds eager to find the perfect overwater bungalow or a group of friends searching for adventures, our team will conceive the most appropriate tailor-made travel, adapted to your wish and budget. Besides, our team is exclusively made of natives and lovers of French Polynesia, which says a lot about our expertise. Our members have visited or stayed at most of the establishments we offer and they tried quite a few activities as well, they will make sure to share their personal experiences to help you choose the best option.
  • Access a wide and rigorous selection of products: Everyday, we endeavor to find hidden gems while taking your feedbacks into account to constantly adapt our offer. Our close connections and physical proximity with our partners enable us to check the quality of both accommodations and activities and give us the opportunity to create exclusive packages with a wide range of services.
  • Save time…: Conceiving the dream of a lifetime can take some time, a lot of time… It is a meticulous job which often creates anxiety and tensions. What if all you had to do was packing your suitcase and rush to the airport? We will assist you from A to Z, helping you choose the right time, taking care of booking the hotels, the guesthouses, the transfers and excursions, we will give you tips and advices regarding the best restaurants in town and will always make sure to refer to the best guides. All you have to do is take your passport and enjoy the flight.
  • … and money: It is of popular belief that booking through travel agencies necessarily implies to pay more than doing it on your own. In fact, our connections with service suppliers and sales volume give us the ability to negotiate and provide very competitive rates, which turn out to be particularly interesting for you.
Moana Voyages Team
Moana Voyages Team
Moana Voyages Team

No more disillusionments: When booking online, you find preconceived offers which may not meet your expectations nor reflect reality. We provide advice, security, organization and constant adaptation to satisfy your needs and avoid disappointments as you arrive.

Travelling with full knowledge and consent: Due to its insular character, the islands of Tahiti are thoroughly different from what you may be used to. Thus, our travel consultants are there to inform you of the various arrangements and preparations you must make before the D-Day, just like VISA or ESTA matters. Besides, they will give you a glimpse of the weather conditions, habits and customs of the islands you are travelling to. Their great knowledge regarding air service and cruise specificities will definitely make your life easier.

Enjoy payment facilities: When booking with Moana Voyages, you are given the opportunity to pay in installments. Furthermore, all of your payments will go through Systempay, a secured platform, and will be addressed to the same person to guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Making adjustments: You have changed your mind? Perhaps would you like to stay one more night or to add activities? You will be given some time to adjust your quote and change a few options.

Planning the unforeseen: We strive to anticipate risks and to deal with unexpected events. During sanitary crisis or climatic hazard, our team makes sure to support you and to find optimal solutions. We pay attention to government decisions and often speak to our service providers and airline partners. Whatever happens, you will never be on your own.

Choosing peace of mind: We are constantly listening to you, whether it is before, during your travel or even afterwards. As you arrive, you will be given the documents you will need during your stay, just jump into the taxi and enjoy the ride! We take care of the administrative arrangements so that you can make the most of your stay.

In addition to that, we provide a 24/7 assistance service and make sure to answer as soon as possible. Our physical proximity enables us to take action at every moment.
Make sure to travel peacefully with our insurance offers which provide coverage before and during your stay, even if you contract covid-19. See more.

But if you want to make up your own mind, you should probably try! Tell us about your dreams and we will create the travel of a lifetime…

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