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Sailing and Cruises
Discover the Marquesas islands by sea – Aranui © Tahiti Tourisme
16 days - 15 nightsFrom NZD $8,413.00 pp
Tahiti - Takapoto - Nuku Hiva - Ua Pou - Hiva Oa - Fatu Hiva - Tahuata - Ua Huka - Rangiroa - Bora Bora
Flights included from Auckland

Experience a one-of-a-kind cruise aboard a mixed cargo ship, the Aranui 5. This Cruise-cargo ship will welcome you in the pure Polynesian tradition for a cruise full of discoveries and magical encounters. The Marquesas Islands, The Men land, territory of mysteries and natural marvels, shelters the most incredible stopovers of this itinerary. Follow Paul Gaugin and Jacque Brel’s steps and admire from you comfortable cabin these gorgeous landscapes. Nature and beauty will be you daily routine for this timeless vacation.
Guest houses
Charming and remote scenery  – Hotel Ninamu Resort
9 days - 8 nightsFrom NZD $5,027.00 pp
Tahiti - Rangiroa - Tikehau
Flights included from Auckland

Let yourself be swept away by the magical and authentic Tuamotu Islands. You will have the privilege to discover Rangiroa and Tikehau, and create lasting memories in places like no other.  
Timeless Getaway for Two –  Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort
9 days - 8 nightsFrom NZD $6,254.00 pp
Tahiti - Bora Bora - Rangiroa
Flights included from Auckland

For this once in a lifetime special occasion, indulge yourself in this gorgeous circuit. From the overwater bungalows of Bora Bora to the Pool Villas of Rangiroa… You are in for a treat!
A family adventure – © G Le Bacon – Tahiti Tourisme
15 days - 14 nightsFrom NZD $3,552.00 pp
Tahiti - Moorea - Huahine - Bora Bora - Rangiroa
Flights included from Auckland

Take a break from the daily routine and take your family to beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons and fantastic encounters. With this trip you will get to discover two groups of islands: the Society Islands and the Tuamotu Islands. The latter, even more untouched, will undoubteldy leave its mark on you.
100% diver paradise – Top Dive
15 days - 14 nightsFrom NZD $5,349.00 pp
Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - Rangiroa - Tikehau
Flights included from Auckland

Enjoy this incredible holiday! You will discover the magnificent beaches of French Polynesia and its incredible underwater life. Do not miss this opportunity to spend an unforgettable stay in a typical atmosphere mixing relaxation with your passion for diving...
Guest houses
Off the track paradise – Relais Joséphine
11 days - 10 nightsFrom NZD $3,345.00 pp
Tahiti - Moorea - Rangiroa
Flights included from Auckland

If you want to travel to magic places staying off the beaten path and meeting the locals, this trip is for you! Tahiti, Moorea and Rangiroa will offer you some wonderful landscapes and majestic lagoons. 

Holiday packages to Rangiroa

Second largest atoll in the world due to the size of its lagoon, Rangiroa has two famous passes where the villages with the same name are located: Avatoru, known for its manta rays and Tiputa, the pass of the hundred sharks. The extraordinary underwater life of Rangiroa, just like the rest of the Tuamotu islands, makes it a paradise for diving. Embark on this adventure to discover Rangiroa, relax in this sunny paradise and create some timeless memories there. For your Rangiroa holiday, we have carrefuly selected the best deals available to build these packages. Our travel specialists will be here to guide and assist you all the way. Feel free to contact our team for a customized package.