Things to do in Moorea – Our excursions in Moorea

Into the wild, deep into the blue or up in the air, there you go… here is our selection of the best tours and excursions of Moorea.

If you are willing to add a little more spice to your package, you are in the right place. However, if you are just looking for an excursion, follow us on Tahiti Activities.

Glass kayak guided tour

Explore the lagoon of Moorea in a unique way. You will have the chance to discover wonderful sites like the coral garden, to swim with stingrays and sharks and to observe sea turtles if you are lucky enough.

AUD $66.00 per person

Included : Bottle of water, juice

Duration : 2:00 hrs

“Tama’a” Street Food

Chef and passionate about flavours, Heimata invites you to discover local specialties throughout a guided tour of Moorea. Indulge your taste buds with this culinary experience like no other!

AUD $163.00 per person

Included : Transportation, tastings, scenic sites, water

Duration : 4:00 to 5:00 hrs

Electric bike rental

Rent an electric bike and explore the most beautiful places of Moorea!

AUD $95.00 per person

Duration : 8:00 hrs

Guided tour at the Belvédère by electric bike

Take advantage of this tour to discover unmissable places of Moorea: The Opunohu or Cook bay, the fields of Moorea, the agriculture school, the marae, the Belvédère, the pineapple plantations and the famous panorama illustrated on the local coins of 100 francs.

AUD $115.00 per person

Included : Jam tasting

Duration : 3:30 hrs

Transparent Paddle Guided Tour

An exotic, ecological and educational sports excursion! Thanks to our staggered schedules, be among the first of the day to explore and enjoy the seabed on the lagoon of Moorea. Observation of sea turtles, swimming with rays and sharks, homemade snack between the 2 motus, you will never forget these unique moments!

AUD $81.00 per person

Included : Drinks, snack, sunscreen

Duration : 3:30 hrs

Private Marine Biodiversity Combo

Surrounded by a swimming instructor and a marine biologist, get to swim with an astounding wildlife.  Stingrays, black-tip reef sharks, turtles and other pilot whales live peacefully in the surroundings of Moorea. From July to November, perhaps will you even have the opportunity to observe the humpback whales’ ballet. Get to discover some of the most gorgeous species of Polynesia with this fun and instructive tour!

Full day option available upon request.

AUD $730.00 for 1 or 2 pers

Included : Unlimited drinks, shell necklace, snack, cocktail

Duration : 4:00 hrs

Water Sports & Sensations Combo

Subwing is a new way to snorkel while gliding underwater. Explore the reef, its canyons and caves and add the flying sensation to the marvelously mesmerizing seabed sight.
Then, time for a tubing session ! You will be given the opportunity to choose a quiet ride or the big chill !
Eventually, those who feel really comfortable will be offered a sporty snorkelling. In the lagoon or drifting dive, get to discover Moorea’s best undersea sights.

Full day option available upon request.

AUD $730.00 for 1 or 2 pers

Included : Unlimited drinks, shell necklace, snack, cocktail

Duration : 4:00 hrs

Polynesian day

Live an exciting day and immerse yourself in the heart of the polynesian culture and everyday life! The program: a morning discovery on the lagoon, learning fishing techniques, free diving to observe fishes and shells, traditional cuisine and a visit to the fa’apu to find local vegetables and taste the seasonal fruits!

AUD $253.00 per person

Included : Transfers, lunch and drinks

Duration : 7:00 hrs

Private underwater exploration

With a marine biologist, enjoy a private tour aboard a Falcon 65, explore the crystal clear waters of Moorea and observe its most beautiful underwater species from the boat and snorkeling. This "a la carte" tour will allow you, according to your level and desires, to make a selection of several options among the 5 activities suggested: Whale and dolphin swim, reef snorkeling, big blue discovery , sshark and ray swim, underwater flying. Some incredible discoveries are waiting for you!

AUD $690.00 per boat (1 or 2 pers)

Included : Transfers, drinks and customized full HD video

Duration : 4:00 hrs

Lagoon discovery and picnic on an islet

Live a colorful day in an idyllic setting. Start with a lagoon tour during which you will get to admire the island and meet dolphins. Then swim among stingrays, sharks and fishes before enjoying a lunch on a motu (islet). And finally, spend your afternoon relaxing on the beach or swimming in the turquoise lagoon.

AUD $158.00 per person

Included : Lunch and drinks

Duration : 6:00 hrs

Moorea full day 4WD discovery

Discover the most beautiful sites of Moorea! On the agenda of a day full of twists: magical mountain, crater of the island with pineapples, Belvédère, marae, tropical garden and vanilla plantation, lunch on a private beach of Temae and waterfall of the Afareitu valley ...

AUD $171.00 per person

Included : Transfers, lunch, fruits and drinks

Duration : 6:30 to 7:00 hrs

Fishing tour

Amateur or expert, try the thrilling deep sea fishing experience aboard a well-equipped boat. Enjoy this fishing trip to discover different methods: ancestral, traditional and modern. Return on the island with your best catch and your head full of memories !

This tour is also available full day.

AUD $1,013.00 per private tour (up to 5 pers)

Included : fishing gear, drinks

Duration : 5:00

4WD half-day safari

Explore the heart of Moorea in 4WD. On your itinerary: the fauna and flora of the island, the pineapple plantations and vanilla plants, the panorama of the Belvédère and its two bays, the marae, the magic mountain, the distillery of Moorea and the black pearls .

AUD $66.00 per person

Included : Juice tasting

Duration : 4:00 hrs

Lagoon exploration and dolphins encounter

From mid-November to mid-July, explore the lagoon of Moorea and its biodiversity. You will discover coral gardens, fishes, underwater statues. And finally swim with sharks, stingrays and dolphins.

AUD $166.00 per person

Included : Refreshments and tropical fruits

Duration : Half day

Whale watching tour

From mid-July to the end of October, embark on an ocean exploration and enjoy the long-awaited season to observe and approach the majestic humpback whales.

AUD $166.00 per person

Included : Refreshments and tropical fruits

Duration : Half day

Introductory dive

Discover scuba diving and dive with your instructor in the shallow waters of the beautiful lagoon of Moorea.

AUD $166.00 per person

Included : Equipment

Duration : 2:00 hrs

2 exploration dives

Discover the wonderful scuba diving sites of French Polynesia and dive into the depths of Moorea. The island’s beautiful marine life awaits you.

 Trainings and inter-island packages of 6, 10 or 20 dives are also available.

AUD $242.00 per person

Included : Equipment

Duration : 2:00 hrs

Cultural hike at the Afareaitu waterfall

Enjoy a getaway in a beautiful location, surrounded by lush vegetation, tropical flowers and fruits, archaeological sites and rivers. Your guide will tell you the legends that inhabit these places.

AUD $106.00 per person

Included : Transfers, fruits

Duration : 4:30 hrs

Immersion between nature and culture

This tour will take you to the Belvédère, the crater of the volcano, the set of the movie "Mutiny on the Bounty", to the ancient village and its archaeological sites and tropical fruit plantations. Travel between Polynesian legends, filmography, fauna, flora and local customs. An experience that brilliantly combines discoveries of all kinds, culture and relaxation in an ideal setting.

AUD $106.00 per person

Included : Transfers, fruits

Duration : 4:30 hrs

Quad tour at the heart of Moorea

Enjoy a guided tour by quad to explore the interior of the island of Moorea. Entertainment guaranteed in complete safety!

AUD $278.00 per quad

Included : Transfers

Duration : 3:30 hrs

Jet ski tour on the lagoon

With this guided tour, you can explore the lagoon and enjoy the fabulous scenery surrounding you. The thrill seekers will be fulfilled!

AUD $305.00 per jet ski

Included : Transfers

Duration : 3:00 hrs

Quad and jet ski combo

Enjoy a guided tour on quad and jet ski (or vice versa) to appreciate the landscapes on the island and on the lagoon.

You have the possibility to do these two tours on two different days.

AUD $517.00 for 2 people

Included : Transfers

Duration : 3:30 hrs + 3:00 hrs

Accrobranche course

Thanks to an unlimited access to all courses, enjoy a unique and invigorating adventure, perched in the trees and surrounded by the tranquil atmosphere of the Opunohu Valley.

There is also a course for children available.

AUD $62.00 per person

Polynesian dance show at the Tiki Village

Enjoy an evening to admire the Tiki Village's polynesian show.

AUD $79.00 per person

Dinner not included

Duration : 1:00 hr

Car rental

Rent a class B manual car and explore the island at your own pace.

Many other categories of cars and rental durations are available.

AUD $126.00 per vehicle

Duration : 1 day

Activities and excursions in Moorea

The island of Moorea is a popular place for travelers from all over the world seeking to isolate themselves in a corner of paradise. However, although Moorea’s secluded location contributes to its charm, the island is not devoid of activities. We invite you to read these few lines to learn more about the "must do" of Moorea...

What to do during your stay in Moorea?

No matter which type of activity you enjoy, you will sure find something suited for you!

On the water: The lagoon of Moorea is gorgeous. You can easily enjoy a kayak tour to make the most of it. To allow its visitors to appreciate the view even more, you can find in Moorea some transparent kayaks that will allow you to observe the small fishes swimming under your feet. For those who would like to observe more closely the aquatic fauna and flora, it is also possible to embark on a scuba diving adventure. You will be guided by an instructor who will direct your descent in deep waters. This is the perfect opportunity to get close to species you may have never seen before.

On land:  On land excursions in Moorea are also a real pleasure thanks to the pleasant climate and the magnificent of the landscapes. Various types of excursions are offered to visitors.

In the air: There are three possibilities offered to travelers looking to rise in the air: the practice of the Hoverboard, the Flyboard or tree climbing. Hoverboard and Flyboard are new extreme sports in vogue. As far as the tree climbing goes, it consists in moving from tree to tree following a path, thanks to a safety device attached to the body.

What type of excursions are possible in Moorea?

There are three alternatives for you: discovering the island of Moorea by car, by bike or by boat.

By bike: If you want to cycle in the wind without much effort, opt for the electric bike. You can rent one to explore Moorea and the price for this activity is also quite attractive.

By car: Those of you who prefer a quiet and relaxing car ride will also find what they need. Two options are available to you:

  • Renting a 4WD and go on an excursion in the middle of the mountains, crossing the plantations before returning to the beach.
  • Choosing the 4WD safari and letting your guide show you the fauna and flora of the island.

In high seas (fishing trip): You want to observe the mountainous relief of Moorea while enjoying a breathtaking view of the lagoon? Do not hesitate to choose a fishing tour. Supervised by a team of professionals, you will have the opportunity to fish during a half-day, or even an entire day.

What is the safest way to go to Moorea?

By reaching out to a great travel partner such as Moana Voyages. Our agency has the right resources and a dedicated and team of experts who will take care of organizing each step of your vacation.

We have all the partners needed on site to help you better. What’s more, you can contact the agency, book and make your payment online safely.