General information

  • Archipelago: Austral islands

  • Population: 2 404

  • Area: 32,75 sq. km

  • Highest point: Manureva (385 m)

Why Rurutu?

  • Whale watching from August to October

  • Caves and cliffs

  • Authentic culture

  • White sand beaches and beautiful landscapes

  • Rock climbing

Photos of Rurutu

Protected from the ocean’s fury by a small coral reef, Rurutu, the “gushing rock” in Polynesian, is the most northern island of the archipelago. She’s the most authentic island of Polynesia.

Its geological structure is unique in Polynesia, there’s no lagoon and it’s bordered by cliffs sheltering numerous caves carved by erosion, embellished by amazing stalagmites and stalagmites. An entertainment to see absolutely!

Rurutu offers a fantastic variety of landscapes, drowned under the lush vegetation. The splendid bays of the coast protects fresh valleys where coffee plantations mingle with wild basil, pineapples and litchi trees spreading their aromas.

Faithful towards traditions, the 2,104 inhabitants of the island organize cultural events, several times per year in the villages of Moerai, Avera and Auti. The Mamas of the island are specialized in the handmade manufacturing of hats, carpets (peue) made with fiber of pandanus, as well as the art of making tifaifai, flashy colored patchwork blankets.

Refuge of whales, Rurutu allows the observation of those fascinating mammals from July to October, when they come to breed in the clear waters that surround the island. Snorkelers could swim with a mother whale and its calf and hear the songs of the males trying to attract the females, an unforgettable moment!

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