Mateata tested for you... Air Moana
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Mateata tested for you... Air Moana

Seems like I got lucky this week. It only took a Skype notification, a bit of reactivity and an impromptu drawing of lots to be selected to try the inaugural flight of Air Moana, the brand new inter-island company.
Spending the afternoon flying over Bora Bora or opting for a third espresso in a raw at my desk, life is made of choices... 

It is thus all smiles, fair-minded and quite a bit jealous that my colleaues looked at me leaving the office during lunchbreak. Once at the Tahiti-Faa’a airport, a big kakemono caught my eye by the check-in counter, surprisingly located in the zone intended for international flights. Another sign I was about to treat myself to a change of scenery...

The counter


Just like on their advertising, the crew turns out to be pleasant, welcoming and smiling [contractual pictures]. An ocean of blue spreads all over the airport, up to the boarding room. Nicely dressed, with their hair tied up in a traditional bun, adorned with a few black pearls, the stewardesses lead us to Poeiti, our plane.

If the security controls, the look and comfort of the aircraft are overall the same, there is a tiny difference on my boarding pass, which stands in three characters: 16A. Little surprise or huge disappointment to whoever used to rush to the door, hoping to jump in the flight and sit at the very front, seats are now assigned ! Which means it will finally be possible to choose your window and flight partner...


The aircraft
The stewardesses
The pilot cabin

On board

Surrounded by professionals of the tourism industry and a few media, I succeed in pushing my way through the crowd up to the cockpit to chat with the pilot and take a few pictures but it is already time to take-off. 

A few minutes later, a stewardess asks me if I would like a glass of juice or a cup of coffee. The flight passed without mishap, we even had the opportunity to look at Tupai, the heart-shaped island, from above. After about 50 minutes, we arrives at destination.

The boat shuttle
Heading to Vaitape

Soft landing

Located on an islet, surrounded by coconut trees and a crystal-clear lagoon which contributed to its fame, the airport already gives you a glimpse of what your stay will look like... Alas, I will personnally not be that luck to land in Vaitape but at least I will take the boat shuttle for a lagoon tour. Cosy and comfortable, the wide banquette invite us to get to know each other as we enjoy the view over Mount Otemanu.

Then comes the time to go back to the airport and the island of Tahiti. A bit bitter, my sweet tooth is however more than satisfied by the cookie and coffee I am handed by the stewardess. I even heard that early birds will be given warm pastries but I will make sure to check it by myself very soon... 

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