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Vaitumu Village

  • Vaitumu Village - Jardin

    Vaitumu Village - Garden

  • Vaitumu Village - Bungalow

    Vaitumu Village - Bungalow

  • Vaitumu Village - Plage

    Vaitumu Village - Beach

  • Vaitumu Village - Piscine

    Vaitumu Village - Pool

  • Vaitumu Village - Douche

    Vaitumu Village - Pool shower

  • Vaitumu Village - Plage

    Vaitumu Village - Beach

  • Vaitumu Village - Salle à manger

    Vaitumu Village - Dining Room

  • Vaitumu Village - Légumes du jardin

    Vaitumu Village - Homegrown vegetables

  • Vaitumu Village - Salon

    Vaitumu Village - Hall

  • Vaitumu Village - Bar

    Vaitumu Village - Bar

  • Vaitumu Village - Feu

    Vaitumu Village - Fireplace

  • Vaitumu Village - Intérieur

    Vaitumu Village - Interior

General information

  • Island : Rurutu
  • Situation : Beach
  • Number of rooms : 7

We like

  • The breathtaking view on the lagoon and the whales
  • The fire point
  • The delicious cuisine based on vegetables from the garden

Where is the Vaitumu Village located?

Located in the charming town of Moerai, not far from the airport of Rurutu, the Vaitumu Village is an ideal place to feel closer to nature. The guesthouse is located on the beachside, allowing you to get a sunbath anytime, to observe the whales during the season and to enjoy evenings by the fire, on the sand.

Why should you choose Vaitumu Village?

Rurutu offers some beautiful excursions: hiking, enormous caves, taro fields, whales and unmatched handcrafts. With its seven bungalows facing the ocean, its large swimming pool and its reception, Vaitumu Village is a charming establishment, half-way between the guesthouse and the hotel.

Here, you can easily find the authenticity of the Austral Islands, the local savoir-faire and flavors of homemade meals on one side, along with the quality, the space, the comfort and the services of a top-notch accommodation.

Adorable, the staff will make sure that you have everything you need during you stay. If you follow a special diet, the hosts will do their very best to prepare some personalized dishes, if the deliveries allow it. The guesthouse has a bar, its own vegetable garden, a pergola and fireplace to add to its friendly atmosphere.

The Vaitumu Village also offers an ATV rental service in order to discover the island on your own.

Some theme evenings are organized for big occasions. This is an opportunity to observe the opening of the traditional-oven and to taste the delicious traditional food.


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  • Bungalow, from AUD $270.00
  • Duplex Bungalow, from AUD $270.00

Rates per night on a double occupancy


  • Bathroom with shower or bath tub
  • Ceiling fan
  • ​Safe


  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Fireplace
  • ​Pergola

  • Delicious homemade dishes are waiting for you, with garden vegetables or locals ingredients. A simple and fresh cuisine spinkled with Polynesian touch. Fishes, taro, papaya, no holidays for your taste bud !

  • In the evening, relax at the bar or sip a tasteful cocktail near to the fireplace.

Geo location

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