General informations

  • Archipelago : Windward islands (Society islands)

  • Population : 186 909

  • Area : 1 042 sq. km

  • Highest point : Orohena (2 241 m)

Why Tahiti ?

  • Capital of French Polynesia, with the city center Papeete

  • The renowned Market of Papeete

  • Wide range of activities (water or land based and aerial)

  • Cultural richness and beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora

Photos of Tahiti

Capital of French Polynesia’s 118 islands, Tahiti is the largest. Located in South Pacific, the island forms a part of the Society Islands. Its topography is dominated by two volcanic ranges resembling a turtle. Big Island makes up the larger part while the small island makes up the Peninsula. The Taravao isthmus connects the peninsula with the larger part of the island that is fringed by a series of black sandy beaches.

If you are tired of your hectic lifestyle and stiff professional schedules, it is the ideal destination for a weeklong holiday. This island is the gateway to a mesmerizing world of corals, reefs and lagoons. Whether you plan to go with your family, friends or spouse, the experience is bound to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Often described as heaven on earth, it is the abode of eternal beauty and bliss in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Places to See
For nature enthusiasts, Tahiti is the key to a world of unexplored experiences. A chance escapade to the Tuamotu Island is a treat for vacationers seeking the thrill of adventure and discovery. The brilliant turquoise waters of the Tuamotu Island are home to countless black pearls. The hovering danger of giant sharks makes the island experience all the more exciting.

The Gambier Archipelago is a must visit for those looking for a reclusive break.

For the water sports and adventure sports lovers, Bora Bora Island is the best destination. The opulent scenic beauty of the island coupled with its white sandy beaches and crystal waters is a temptation difficult to avoid. Indulge in a wide range of activities as trekking, hiking, biking, and scuba diving, aqua-biking and parasailing.

Island Culture
The island has managed to preserve its rich cultural legacy through its sculptures, dance forms, songs, folklore, drama and language. Its local cuisine reflects its native culture aptly. The local cuisine has a subtle aroma of freshness and originality.

It also offers a blend of French, Italian, Chinese and other international cuisines. The restaurants, pizzerias, snack-bars and fast-food outlets form an integral part of the island’s lively culture. The majority of hotels feature of simple and gourmet restaurants offering a la carte and buffets menus. Some of the most celebrated restaurants offer a Tahitian cuisine and international delicacies as Le Lotus, Casa Bianca, Le Coco’s and Le Royal Tahitien.

Some of the popular hotels on the island are Intercontinental Resort, Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort, Manava Suite and Le Royal Tahitien. These hotels offer outstanding amenities to make your holiday comfortable and relaxing.

For those seeking quality black pearls, the Musée de la Perle Robert Wan, Sibani Perles Joallier, Robert Wan, Pearl Market and Ron Hall’s Island Fashion Black Pearls are the best places to make purchases. If you are a true Handicrafts connoisseur, the ideal places to checkout are Papeete Municipal Market and Tamara Curios. Also, shop in the local markets around the island that offer exceedingly affordable and impressive souvenirs to take back home.

Going there
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Take a deep breath, feel the fresh air and forget all your worries while in there, your door to paradise on earth…

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