General information

  • Archipelago : Windward islands (Society islands)
  • Population : 6 430
  • Area : 74 sq. km
  • Highest point : Turi (669 meters)

Why Huahine ?

  • Its strong history and ancient culture, observable in the preserved archaeological sites.
  • Its preserved and wild landscapes, far from the tourist crowds
  • It is the last residence of the painter and singer Bobby Holcomb

Photos of Huahine

Huahine is certainly the most sensual of the islands. Just a 30-minute flight from Tahiti, it is a genuine, preserved haven to the visitor looking for tranquility.

A white sand beach, desert coral islets on the luminous blue lagoon and lush hills, the island is a concentrate of Polynesian beauty.

To discover Huahine is to give in to its charm made of archaeological wealth, slow rhythm and multiple secrets such as the amazing, blue-eyed sacred eels or the age-old fish cages built in coral blocks by the elders.

Wild and enticing nature: luxuriant vegetation, untouched beaches, deserted coves, idyllic “motus” (islets), abundant fruit trees and colorful enchanted lagoons these are the sorts of features available. For the visitors, experienced local guides take pride in sharing their heritage.

A mysterious past: the most extensive and best-preserved archaeological remains in French Polynesia: the Maeva site, the Orohaehae Temple and the marae (places of sacrifice to the gods) and the landscape molded by myth and legend.

Tourist and cultural centers: flourishing local arts and crafts; fish parks; villages with authentic fishermen; visit the sacred eels at Faie; and splendid gardens for botanical enthusiasts.

Water activities show Huahine in its magnificent natural setting: lagoon trips; fauna and underwater flora exploration (reef drop-offs, caves full of fish, coral gardens); sunset cruises, deep sea fishing and surfing on the best waves in French Polynesia.

The number one Polynesian traditional sport: each year in October, Huahine is the departure point of the greatest traditional outrigger race in the South Pacific, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a.

Elegant hotels and attractive family guesthouses reflect the unspoiled authenticity of this island.

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