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I have tested for you: Moorea from the top of the trees

It's on a Saturday morning, a few weekends ago, that the idea came to my friends and I to discover the treetop adventure course of Moorea. It turns out that this is a brand new thing on the island. Our shoes on and water bottles filled up, we are ready for an acrobatic and [...]

I have tested for you: Moorea from the top of the trees 2017-09-14T10:26:08+00:00

The Tiare Tahiti flower, More than an emblem…

Tiare Tahiti literally means "flower of Tahiti" and is the French Polynesia national emblem; It can be found in a large part of the Pacific Islands and its flowering is annual as many tropical flowers. The Tiare Tahiti flower, synonym of exoticism with its delicate scent of jasmine, is a true invitation to travel... [...]

The Tiare Tahiti flower, More than an emblem… 2017-09-14T10:41:20+00:00

Firi Firi donuts recipe

Learn how to cook the Firi Firi. A delicious tahitian coconut donuts traditionally served for the breakfast A recipe really easy to make! Ingredients 350 gms – 0.75 lb. – 2⅘ cups all purpose flour 100 gms – ½ cup sugar, plus more to coat 1 pinch salt 7 gms – 2.5 tsp dry yeast [...]

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Papaya and its benefits

Moana Voyages makes you discover papaya, a delicious and full of blessings fruit, much appreciated in French Polynesia! Botanical name: Carica papaya Commonly called: papaya, tropical melon, fig of the islands Botanical classification: caricacea Its origin Native to Central America, papaya tree blooms wherever water and heat are sufficient. It proliferates in French Polynesia, but it [...]

Papaya and its benefits 2017-02-07T14:51:35+00:00

The tahitian oven

The ahima’a is a very old tahitian word given to tahitian oven. “ahi” meaning “fire” and “ma’a” means “food”. The Polynesians used to do the ahima’a each Sunday, a custom introduced by Catholic missionaries. Most families had a ahima’a fare “house of the tahitian oven” to make the ahima’a. This is a hole dug in [...]

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Ature fishing

Mackerel fishing, small pelagics which at certain periods of the year (December to June) approach in very dense benches of the « Iles du Vent » and crossing coralliaires barriers to enter in the lagoons. In French Polynesia, they are known according to their stage of growth: ature, aramea and orare. It’s a seasonal activity which is [...]

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Ina’a fishing

Particularly appreciated fried or donuts, « ina’a » are some Gobiidae fished periodically at the mouths of rivers and consumed by the population of Tahiti, Moorea and some islands of the Tuamotu. Its name differs across regions, “bichiques” for La Réunion or “poutine” for the Mediterranean. In Polynesia, river adult gobies are called “o’opu” in Tahiti and [...]

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