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Our best hotels and resorts in French Polynesia

Discover our selection of resorts and guesthouses in French Polynesia

Whether you are looking for a resort, a guesthouse, or a rental home, we have carefully selected the best establishments in French Polynesia.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa – Vue aérienne

This beautiful resort offers an authentic Polynesian experience coupled with luxury accommodation, gastronomy and service.

Le Méridien Bora Bora – Vue aérienne

With its inner lagoon, the Méridien Bora Bora offers a magical environment with a breathtaking view on Mount Otenamu.

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort – Vue aérienne

Located on the East coast of Tahiti, the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort is nestled in the Matavai Bay, lying on a black sand beach…

Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel – Plage

Ideal place to draw fresh strength, The Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort by Sofitel is located on a stunning beach and offers all the amenities and comfort of a 4 stars hotel.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa – Vue aérienne

Embark on a boat from the end of the pontoon and go on an adventure from this Polynesian establishment...

Maitai Lapita Village Huahine – Vue du côté de la montagne

The Maitai Lapita Village sits in a lush garden along the lagoon. You will be warmly welcomed there and the Polynesian atmosphere will definitely charm you.

Hotel Ninamu Resort – Bungalow

A private islet in the middle of a fantastic lagoon is waiting for you for an intimate stay...

Pension Vaimano – Chambre

A waking dream at Raivavae !

Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora – Vue aérienne

The Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora is located in the heart of lush tropical gardens and close to the Matira white sand beach.

Au Phil du Temps – Vue aérienne

On this magical island, surrounded by passionate hosts, enjoy an unforgettable stay in an authentic and lush setting ...

Royal Huahine – Bungalow Jardin

Only accessible by sea, this little place of haven shelters a Polynesian hotel with a local design where peacefulness prevails.

Hotel Tahiti Nui – Piscine

Located in the city center of Papeete, the Hotel Tahiti Nui is close to many shops and to the ferry terminal.

Maitai Rangiroa – Vue aérienne

The Maitai Hotel Rangiroa is a dream destination for all divers, sea lovers and those seeking a sensational vacation.

Hiva Oa
Chalets Hanakee – Chalets Hanakéé

Surrounded by lush vegetation and a stunning setting, discover Hiva oa, and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Chalets Hanakee...

Royal Tahitien – Jardin

Strong symbol of the Tahitian atmosphere, the Royal Tahitien will immerse you in the Polynesia of the 60’s.

Villa Oasis by Tahiti Homes – Piscine de nuit

Enjoying an ideal location, the Villa Oasis is a safe heaven for family or friends in an urbain area.

Villa Anuanua by Tahiti Homes – Extérieur

The Villa Honu is part of The Legends Residences Moorea . Perfect vacations rental for a small family it offers a magnificent view over the lush nature.

Fare Mokalei by Tahiti Homes – Tahiti Homes

In a quiet neighbourhood, the Fare Mokalei opens its doors and offers to you an amazing view on beautiful sunset and sunrise on the West Coast of Tahiti.

Villa Ylang Ylang by Tahiti Homes – Jardin

Opened on a magnificent white-sand-beach, the Villa Ylang Ylang is facing a beautiful azure and shallow lagoon.

La Perle de Taha’a – La Perle de Tahaa

Facing Bora Bora, La Perle de Tahaa offers a terrific panoramic view and a privileged access to one of the most beautiful coral garden of Polynesia.

Which resort or guesthouse for your stay in French Polynesia ?

For your trip to French Polynesia, you will find in the islands a great choice for accommodation, from the small guesthouses where you will be closer to the local population to the most beautiful luxury resorts and their beautiful overwater bungalows. In some of these islands, we also offer a selection of holiday homes to rent for a few days.

French Polynesia is a dream destination, a remote paradise for the rest of the world. Each more beautiful than the other, the islands offer landscapes of pristine beaches and blue lagoons, recognized by all and worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It is a unique destination, with a territory composed of 118 islands, all unique and marvelous, grouped in various archipelagos. In the same way, the accommodations of these islands form a whole, consistent and harmonious. The large prestigious resorts mingle with the smaller family guesthouses, strong with their traditions and the legendary warmth of the Polynesian welcome.

From Bora Bora’s overwater villas to the bungalows nestled in the green mountains of the Marquesas Islands, there is something to please everyone! Together, these accommodations complement each other and form a colorful palette. Despite their great diversity, these have at least one thing in common: the Polynesian sweetness of life incarnated in a captivating atmosphere. The resort or guesthouse that you select will be a significant part of your beautiful adventure. Whether it's your honeymoon or a family trip, they will leave their mark on an unforgettable trip.